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Label: SUPRAPHON a.s.

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Chamber Music

Artist: Collegium musicum Pragense, Prague Symphony Orchestra & František Vajnar

Composer: Jiri Druzecky (1745-1819), Johann Nepomuk Vent (1745-1801), Pavel Vranicky (1756-1808)

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  • Jiří Družecký (1745 - 1819): Partita Berdlersgarn:
  • 1Partita Berdlersgarn: I. Allegro05:14
  • 2Partita Berdlersgarn: II. Menuetto04:12
  • 3Partita Berdlersgarn: III. Allegro con variazioni03:05
  • Jan Nepomuk Vent (1745 - 1801): Partita in Dis:
  • 4Partita in Dis: I. Presto02:47
  • 5Partita in Dis: II. Favoritto - Alternativo02:27
  • 6Partita in Dis: III. Menuetto03:22
  • 7Partita in Dis: IV. Romance04:57
  • 8Partita in Dis: V. Finale - Presto02:58
  • Pavel Vranický (1756 - 1808): Sinfonia in D, Op. 25:
  • 9Sinfonia in D, Op. 25: I. Allegro maestoso09:12
  • 10Sinfonia in D, Op. 25: II. Menuetto04:41
  • 11Sinfonia in D, Op. 25: III. Adagio06:51
  • 12Sinfonia in D, Op. 25: IV. La Caccia07:09
  • Total Runtime56:55

Info for Družecký, Vent & Vranický: Hunting Music

Hunting cannot be thought about in isolation from the sounds accompanying it - the barking of dogs, the shrieks of frightened quarry, the shots, and the sound of horns and trumpets. Signal instruments and the atmosphere of chase gave rise to the special genre of "hunting music". The quintessential hunting-related instrument is the French horn, which became widely used in Bohemia after 1760, owing to Count Franz Anton von Sporck. Yet hunting music, for a variety of ensembles (including the wind Harmonie), was also played at feasts and other social events. Hunting-themed pieces - cassations, serenades, partitas (many of them termed caccia or la chasse) - indicated their connection with hunting by the selection of instruments, the typical harmonies and melodies, as well as by featuring onomatopoeic effects, such as the sounds of animals and birds, and sonic renditions of buoyant merry-making in the wake of the hunting expedition. The music featured on the present CD was written by three Czech representatives of high Classicism. Jiří Družecký and Jan Nepomuk Vent composed numerous popular pieces for wind instruments. Pavel Vranický, a friend of Haydn and Beethoven, who both chose him to conduct their works, was a distinguished theatre figure in Vienna. Let yourself be immersed in the captivating hunting atmosphere and the subsequent feast.

Deep forests, the sound of bugles and game - an invitation to a hunt from the Czech classical masters.

Collegium Musicum Pragensae
Prague Symphony Orchestra
František Vajnar, conductor

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