Soft Machines Rocky

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Label: Barclay

Genre: Electronic

Subgenre: Electro-Pop

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  • 1Apologize03:54
  • 2Band Against The Wall03:38
  • 3Big South06:05
  • 4Brandy & Monaco04:29
  • 5I Hate You03:42
  • 6Love Is A Soft Machine03:37
  • 7Edzinefa Nawo06:50
  • 8Two Drops03:16
  • 9This Love04:03
  • Total Runtime39:34

Info for Soft Machines

If there’s one word to encompass Rocky’s new album, it’s triumphant. Triumph through fear, discrimination, and any obstacles. The production swells with pride and energy, lead singer Ines Kokou’s rises from the instrumentation with a power and grace reserved for only true passionate vocalists. The anthemic “Big South” single and accompanying visual create an otherworldly vibration, chock full vibrancy and excitement that is a hallmark of dance music, but is surpassed by the delicate balance struck in Rocky’s music. It’s clear that this album took time and effort and patience and helluva lot of focus on the part of Rocky’s four members, but what’s also clear is that their work will not be in vain. This album should have the ability to catapult them into the spotlight as the next big alternative dance band, because it’s electro-pop with message, it’s dance with real emotion, and it’s just off-kilter enough to bring something fresh and unique to the table.

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