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Label: 10 Fingers

Genre: Jazz

Subgenre: Fusion

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FLAC 44.1 $ 12.70
  • 1Holy Fudge05:28
  • 2Conventional Wisdom05:02
  • 3What Would Jesus Do?02:52
  • 4Earth Music05:02
  • 5Village Idiot09:03
  • 6Vinkoger03:34
  • Total Runtime31:01

Info for Holy Fudge

Villads Aalling Group primarily plays Villads Aalling's own compositions. The album takes the listener into a unique sound landscape that includes: draws inspiration from such diverse musicians as Frank Zappa, Pat Metheny, Ornette Coleman and combines the jazz with sound images from genres such as acid rock, progressive rock and classical composers such as Edward Grieg.

Villads Bang Aalling, guitar
Dan Hjort Jensen, piano
Martin Kjær Killie, trumpet
Stinus Seierup, drums
Jens Bønnerup, double bass
Snæbjörn Gauti Snæbjörnsson, saxophones

Mixed, engineered and recorded by Philip Skovgaard
Mastered by Benny Bondesgaard Pedersen
Produced by Philip Skovgaard

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