Atme und zähle bis zehn Elisa Day

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Label: QFTF

Genre: Jazz

Subgenre: Mainstream Jazz

Artist: Elisa Day

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FLAC 44.1 $ 8.30
  • 1Atme und zähle bis zehn05:17
  • 2Perhaps Strange04:45
  • 3Otto's Mops02:06
  • 4Das Huhn und das Knie04:06
  • 5Der Werwolf01:39
  • 6Federleichte Federflocken05:45
  • 7Blackboard Story in New York04:09
  • 8Der Panther02:38
  • 9Los04:58
  • 10Giants02:44
  • Total Runtime38:07

Info for Atme und zähle bis zehn

I am Isa. And I'm pretty good at it. That is why it is worth taking the time listening to me, I only exist once.

This album is a part of me – a part of the experiences I made within the last three years. It is also a part of my memories, my hopes, my imagination. It is pure Isa. - Isabelle Ritter „Come on. Get going - let go - go – go“

Elisa day has defined her own rules, categories do not apply to her. She knows what she wants and how to direct her band. A sound driven by high-flown lyrics, colourful arrangements and rare instrumental settings. A tone set between genre boundaries. Poetry becomes pop. Rainer Maria Rilke's poem The Panther starts as a piano ballade à la Björk and ends in a weightless space of sound reflections and delay.

Blackboard Story in New York, one of Elisa’s originals, tells the bizarre story about cats and aliens. Groovy, bluesy, stomping along with a Tom Waits attitude. Unusual, unexpected and demanding.

Elisa’s songs concern with things we do not notice nor understand. But through her eyes and ears these make perfect sense. Elisa questions the world through fascinating songs far away from an esoteric or constrained attitude. In the title track, she shares the moment of losing someone she loves. Breath and count to ten is the urge to remain clear, when the ground seems to be disappearing into nothingness.

„breath, breath, smile, smile everything will be alright“

The album closes with Giants. A song which equals her with Joanna Newsom's Sadie or Margret Glaspy's Somebody to Anybody. Elisa Day cheers and cries to the scarce chords of her ukulele: „We are like giants, brave and fearless minds“

Isabelle Ritter, voice
Nils Fischer, saxophone, contrabass-clarinet
Lukas Frei, trumpet, fluegelhorn
Florian Favre, piano, Fender Rhodes
Jeremias Keller, bass
Christoph Steiner, drums

Recorded by Chris Diggelmann – das Klangereignis at Mazzive Sound Productions
Mixed by Marc FUCK in Berlin
Mastered by Klaus Scheuermann in Berlin
Produced by Isabelle Ritter

Isabelle Ritter
Geboren 1985 in Bern. Klassischer Klavierunterricht seit dem 6. Altersjahr, später Jazz-Klavier. Seit 2004 klassischer Gesangsunterricht bei Veronika Zimmermann.

2007-2012: Gesangs-Studium an der Hochschule der Künste Bern bei Sandy Patton, Andreas Schaerer, Agnes Heginger, Denise Bregnard und Efrat Alony.

Nebenfach in Komposition bei Frank Sikora, Klaus König, Django Bates und Martin Streule. Kurse und Masterclasses bei Robin D., Sidsel Endreson, Phil Minton u.a.

2010: DKSJ-Exchange-Nights: bester Bachelor-Abschluss des Jahrgangs an der HKB. 2011: Stipendium der Friedl Wald Stiftung. Herbst 2012: Master of Arts in Music Performance. Nebenbei tätig als Gesangslehrerin im Studio Musicale in Kerzers.

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