Zefiro Spira: Italian Renaissance Frottole & Improvisations Gabriel Jublin & Paul Kieffer

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Label: Claves Records

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Vocal

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  • Philippe Verdelot (1475 - 1552):
  • 1Benché'l misero cor01:37
  • 2Madonna, qual certezza02:03
  • Gabriel Jublin, Paul Kieffer (b. 1957):
  • 3Quanto di me più fortunate sete02:02
  • Philippe Verdelot:
  • 4Quand'amor i begli occhi01:33
  • 5Con lagrime e sospir00:55
  • Gabriel Jublin, Paul Kieffer:
  • 6Madonna, per voi ardo01:51
  • Philippe Verdelot:
  • 7Donna leggiadre e bella00:57
  • 8Fuggi, fuggi, cor mio01:25
  • 9Vita della mia vita01:19
  • 10Amor, se d'hor in hor00:59
  • 11Afflitti spirti miei01:39
  • Gabriel Jublin, Paul Kieffer:
  • 12Quel foco ch'io pensai02:52
  • Antonio Caprioli (1425 - 1475):
  • 13Quella bella e bianca mano02:35
  • Bartolomeo Tromboncino (1470 - 1535):
  • 14Che debo far che mi consigli amore02:31
  • Philippe Verdelot:
  • 15Madonna, il tuo bel viso02:26
  • 16Con l'angelico riso01:23
  • Gabriel Jublin, Paul Kieffer:
  • 17Vita della mia vita.03:08
  • Philippe Verdelot:
  • 18Divini occhi sereni01:15
  • Gabriel Jublin, Paul Kieffer:
  • 19Quanto sia liet'il giorno02:16
  • Bartolomeo Tromboncino:
  • 20Dopoi longe fatiche e longi affanni01:31
  • Gabriel Jublin, Paul Kieffer:
  • 21Voi ch’ascoltate in rime sparse il suono03:10
  • Philippe Verdelot:
  • 22Madonna per voi ardo01:29
  • Bartolomeo Tromboncino:
  • 23Non val aqua al mio gran foco02:25
  • Gabriel Jublin, Paul Kieffer
  • 24S'il dissi mai ch'io venga02:05
  • Zanin Bisàn:
  • 25O despietato tempo01:47
  • Bartolomeo Tromboncino:
  • 26Per dolor me bagno il viso01:39
  • 27Poi che volse la mia stella03:44
  • Philippe Verdelot:
  • 28Quanto sia liet'il giorno.01:41
  • Gabriel Jublin, Paul Kieffer:
  • 29Zefiro spira06:02
  • Total Runtime01:00:19

Info for Zefiro Spira: Italian Renaissance Frottole & Improvisations

This album was born from the pleasure and desire to highlight the rarity and delicacy of madrigals and frottole by Philippe Verdelot and Bartolomeo Tromboncino. The beauty and “cantabile” character of this music seduced both Paul Kieffer and myself. Our musical collaboration began in 2012, during our Masters studies at the Schola Cantorum in Basel in the medieval-Renaissance department, in the classes of Crawford Young and Dominique Vellard. We immediately chose to dedicate ourselves to this magnificent repertoire.

On this recording, you will also find improvisations. This manner of expression, genuine creations of the moment, is an integral part of my life as a performer. Since 2000, I experimented and grew this musical practice with my family. My brother, father and I tried out the acoustics of the churches of France and elsewhere in Europe. From these joyful and rich sonorous adventures, the vocal trio Var’s Musica was born in 2003, with the encouragement of the King’s Singers and the advice of their first countertenor at the time, David Hurley. This trio, where I still sing and which is under my leadership, specializes in improvisations and keeps this artistic genre as the highlight of our concerts.

Thus, from the beginning of this recording project, I suggested to Paul that we include improvisations and his response was enthusiastic. They are elaborated by faithfully following the prosody of Italian poetic texts. I chose, among other things, to improvise reflecting the frottole of Verdelot, while at the same time looking for present day colours and sensations.

These improvised creations spring from spontaneous moments, without any editing or cutting, keepingas close as possible to theemphases flowing from the poetic texts. The contemporary aspect of these improvisations is present not only in the continuity but also in the disruptions made in these madrigals composed for a single voice by Verdelot and Tromboncino. Petrarque’s sonnet “Voi ch’ascoltate” is an illustration of this. You will also discover, mirrored and repeated, three poems: Madonna, per voi ardo, Quanto sia liet’il giorno, Vita della mia vita.

In the very last minutes of our recording session, we experienced a timeless moment, “a bocca chiusa” in a creation we entitled “Zefiro spira” in tribute to a poem by Chiara Matraini (1514-1597). It was the exhilarating and extemporaneous birth of a new creation. We would like to share it with you, as an invitation to explore!

Gabriel Jublin, countertenor
Paul Kieffer, luth

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