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Label: Ediciones Singulares

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Opera

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  • Antonio Salieri (1750 - 1825): Overture
  • 1Overture04:50
  • Act I:
  • 2Act I: Toi par qui, sans terreur (Danaus, Lyncee, Chorus)03:07
  • 3Act I: Descend du ciel (Chorus)02:59
  • 4Act I: Interlude01:26
  • 5Act I: Loin de nous, jalousie affreuse (Plancippe, Chorus)01:55
  • 6Act I: Dance01:49
  • 7Act I: Je vois, jeunes epouz (Danaus)01:25
  • 8Act I: Jouissez du destin propice (Danaus)02:10
  • 9Act I: Hypermnestre! (Lyncee, Hypermnestre)01:38
  • 10Act I: Oublions tous ces jours de peine (Lyncee, Hypermnestre)03:00
  • 11Act I: Descend du ciel (Chorus)02:38
  • Act II:
  • 12Act II: Ou sommes-nous? O ciel! (The Danaids, Danaus, Hypermnestre)04:21
  • 13Act II: Divinite, de sang avide (The Danaids, Hypermnestre, Danaus)01:47
  • 14Act II: Je vous vois fremir de colere (Danaus, The Danaids)01:54
  • 15Act II: Quand tes soeurs ont jure (Danaus, Hypermnestre)02:50
  • 16Act II: Par les larmes dont votre fille (Hypermnestre)02:32
  • 17Act II: Fille indigne de la lumiere (Danaus, Hypermnestre)01:26
  • 18Act II: Ou suis-je? (Hypermnestre)01:48
  • 19Act II: Foudre celeste! je t'appelle! (Hypermnestre)02:48
  • Act III:
  • 20Act III: Celebrons a l'envi (Chorus)01:51
  • 21Act III: Interlude02:31
  • 22Act III: Descends dans le sein d'Amphitrite (Chorus of Bridegrooms)02:31
  • 23Act III: Interlude02:05
  • 24Act III: Aux dieux qui suivent l'hymenee (Danaus)00:30
  • 25Act III: L'Amour sourit au doux vainqueur du Gange (Chorus)01:26
  • 26Act III: Prends ce gage sacre (Lyncee, Hypermnestre, Danaus)01:44
  • 27Act III: Rends-moi ton coeur, ta confiance (Lyncee)02:16
  • 28Act III: Mon courage est au bout (Hypermnestre, Danaus)00:23
  • 29Act III: Mon pere …mon epoux … Deux! (Hypermnestre, Lyncee)01:55
  • 30Act III: Reprends tes esprits et les sens (Danaus)01:34
  • 31Act III: Interlude02:26
  • 32Act III: Pour nos devoirs montrons un meme zele (The Danaids)00:53
  • 33Act III: L'Amour sourit (Chorus)01:29
  • 34Act III: Pantomime02:03
  • Act IV:
  • 35Act IV: Ecoutez-moi, mon pere (Hypermnestre, Danaus)02:28
  • 36Act IV: Le barbare, il me fuit (Hypermnestre)03:00
  • 37Act IV: Vous qui voyez l'exces de ma faiblesse (Hypermnestre)02:11
  • 38Act IV: Lyncee, a tes genouz (Lyncee, Hypermnestre)02:14
  • 39Act IV: A peine aux autels d'Hymenee (Hypermnestre, Lyncee)02:24
  • 40Act IV: Ma force m'abandonne (Hypermnestre, Lyncee)01:43
  • 41Act IV: Helas! que ne puis-je te suivre (Hypermnestre, Lyncee, Pelagus, Chorus of Husbands)01:35
  • 42Act IV: Sort cruel! (Hypermnestre, Lyncee)01:00
  • 43Act IV: Suivez-moi, Prince (Hypermnestre, Lyncee, Pelagus)00:35
  • 44Act IV: Arrete, arrete implacable fureur! (Hypermnestre, Chorus)01:14
  • Act V:
  • 45Act V: Ou suis-je! ou vais-je? (Hypermnestre)02:55
  • 46Act V: Pere barbare, arrache-moi (Hypermnestre)01:25
  • 47Act V: Ma vengeance est-elle rempile? (Hypermnestre, Danaus)02:17
  • 48Act V: Goire! Gloire! Evan! Evohe! (Chorus of Danaids, Plancippe, Danaus)02:05
  • 49Act V: Mes filles, chers objects (Danaus, Chorus)01:05
  • 50Act V: Dieux! auriez-vous trahi (Danaus)01:21
  • 51Act V: Seigneur, Lyncee, accourant (Danaus, First Officer, Second Officer)01:04
  • 52Act V: Tu t'applaudis du piege (Hypermnestre, Lyncee, Danaus, Pelagus, Third Officer, People)02:08
  • 53Act V: Mais du courroux du ciel (Lyncee, Chorus)03:04
  • Total Runtime01:47:48

Info for Salieri: Les Danaïdes

One evening I paid a visit to the Opéra. There I saw Les Danaïdes, by Salieri. The gorgeous splendour of the spectacle, the rich fullness of the orchestra and the chorus, the wonderful voice and pathetic charm of Madame Branchu, Dériviss rugged power [] filled me with an excitement and enthusiasm that I cannot attempt to describe. Thus Berlioz related his encounter with one of the most revolutionary operas of the ancient régime, written by an eminent pupil of Gluck, Antonio Salieri. Feeling the stirrings of early Romanticism, the latter imbued the tragic fate of Hypermnestra with pathos and vehemence such as were rarely attained even by his teacher. The horrible plot fomented by Danaus with his daughters, the Danaids, takes us from palatial splendour to the sinister darkness of a secret temple, and finally to the Underworld itself, where a vulture, serpents, demons and the Furies avenge the mass murder of the sons of Ægyptus.

Written in 1784 by Mozart's friend and rival, this is a magnificent exercise in the elevated French classical style, as reformed by Gluck. Violently melodramatic and gory in its subject-matter of dynastic revenge but often warmly lyrical in musical flavour, it was an influential and durable success in Paris, much admired in the 1820s by the young Berlioz who was excited and disturbed by its grandeur and brilliance. Today its renown is largely confined to academic circles, not least because the large resources it requires make it expensive to stage.Yet this recording taken from live performances in Metz in 2013 proves that it remains theatrically viable, if unwieldy.Christophe Rousset conducts an unfailingly spirited reading, and there is full-blooded and stylish singing from Judith van Wanroij, Philippe Talbot and Tassis Christoyannis in the leading roles. The CDs are contained inside a limited edition book,containing scholarly essays illuminating the opera's background. --The Telegraph

Judith van Wanroij (Hypermnestra),Tassis Christoyannis (Danaüs) and Philippe Talbot (Lyncaeus)are superb in their declamation of Salieri's grand accompanied recits.Rousset,steeped in the tragédie lyrique tradition,is the ideal conductor.

It's good to meet Salieri the devoted protégé of Gluck, rather than the (much misrepresented) arch rival of Mozart, in this thrilling opera written for the court of Louis XVI in 1784. Gluck, smarting from the flop of Echo et Narcisse, was offered the libretto of Les Danaïdes (The Daughters of Danaüs), which he passed on to Salieri. It's a gruesome yarn of fraternal enmity in which Danaüs feigns friendship by marrying his 50 (!) daughters to his brother's no less numerous sons. On their wedding night, he orders them to murder their spouses.One, Hypermnestra, disobeys and her husband survives to avenge his brothers. A fine version of this opera was released in 1990, but this lavishly produced newcomer in the remarkable Palazzetto Bru Zane series surpasses it on every level, with Judith van Wanroij (Hypermnestra), Tassis Christoyannis (Danaüs) and Philippe Talbot (Lyncaeus) superb in their declamation of Salieri's grand accompanied recits. Rousset, steeped in the tragédie lyrique tradition, is the ideal conductor. HC -The Sunday Times Culture Magazine. --The Sunday Times

It all coheres convincingly in this performance...with imposing choral contributions from Les Chantres du Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles, and the usual fiercely involved playing from Les Talens Lyriques...Judith van Wanroij ensures that Hypermnestra's agonies of loyalty are the pivots on which the drama turns. Immaculately presented, this is an operatic rarity that's worth investigating.' (The Guardian)

Judith van Wanroij, soprano
Philippe Talbot, tenor
Tassis Christoyannis, bariton
Les Chantres Du Centre De Musique Baroque de Versailles
Les Talens Lyriques
Christophe Rousset, direction

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