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Label: Intakt Records

Genre: Jazz

Subgenre: Free Jazz

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FLAC 96 $ 12.80
  • 1J08:52
  • 2J**02:03
  • 3Kohäsion05:16
  • 4Window for the Curious03:38
  • 5Talk03:47
  • 6Silo Partikel10:04
  • 7Gravity04:38
  • 8Loveliness03:16
  • 9Darkspace04:51
  • 10Tolerance03:42
  • Total Runtime50:07

Info for Yes

The trio’s captivating aesthetic is thanks to a symbiotic intensity of expressio. It contains traces of ’70s free jazz psychedelics and particles of contemporary club culture and aspires to a broad fusion of free jazz and electronic music, energetically driven by a collective improvisation which outflanks solo gymnastics. After their celebrated 2016 recording, The Willisau Concert, with YES the trio have added fire to a highly original, unconventional musical art, swaggering again through electronic landscapes. "YES: welcome to transgressive zones of sound, multifaceted sonic structures, diverse aggregate states, moods and colliding rhythms. YES: enter the cabinet of mirrors, reflecting influences, material, colours and double (dance) floors. More closely intertwined, and loosely interlocked, the Trio Heinz Herbert sound comes apart in the sum of the threefold individuals and in an interplay based on blind trust, on YES they celebrate music which is always in motion, constantly building new forms, reminiscent of the shifting, morphing multiple body of a flock of birds", writes Florian Keller in the liner notes.

Dominik Landolt, guitar, effects
Ramon Landolt, synth, samples, piano
Mario Hänni, drums, effects

Recorded and mixed by Manuel Egger at Suburban Sound Studio Winterthur, spring 2018
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound Studios NYC, August 2018

Trio Heinz Herbert
makes music that evokes visions of a starry sky. It is urban, sometimes fast-paced, and yet there is air to breath. Music from Switzerland that doesn't sound like the cheesy chocolat mountain cliche but still aims for an international audience. Electric guitar, electronic sounds, hammond-organ, piano, samples and drums are instruments to enhance the present. The trio runs on adrenalin, jumps on a drum-pattern, is drifting off into spheres of minimal music and industrial jazz. Improvisation here doesn't mean tooting in the comfort zone, it is the constant transformation of unwritten music. These guys have smog-free view into space.

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