Columbia Singles (Remastered) Billy Mize

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Label: Columbia/Legacy

Genre: Country

Artist: Billy Mize

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  • 1Terrible Tangled Web02:06
  • 2You Don't Have Very Far to Go02:39
  • 3Don't Let the Blues Make You Bad02:04
  • 4Walking My Fool01:56
  • 5You Can't Stop Me02:29
  • 6Bigger the Fool02:43
  • 7It's Gonna Get Lonely02:47
  • 8Imagine Me02:27
  • 9I'd Rather Have You Than My Pride02:09
  • 10Lights of Albuquerque02:11
  • 11Walking Through the Memories of My Mind02:48
  • 12Wind (I'll Catch Up to You)02:12
  • Total Runtime28:31

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Billy Mize was born in a small Kansas town during the Great Depression. To the families living in the central United States it was known as the “Dirty Thirties”. A decade when giant, black, dust clouds forced many families west in search of jobs. The Mize family, as well as others, settled in a growing California oil town named Bakersfield. These families brought the musical styles of Oklahoma, Colorado, Texas and Kansas with them. This fusion gave birth to an exciting, raw-edged style of country music known for its piercing guitar and honest, down-to-earth lyrics. This was the birth of the Bakersfield Sound, and one of its founding members was Billy Mize.

Digitally remastered

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