The Love Songs of Jehan de Lescurel Ensemble Céladon & Paulin Bündgen

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  • 1Amour, voules vous acorder02:56
  • 2A vous, douce debonnaire02:45
  • 3Amours, aus vrais cuers commune03:07
  • 4Amours, cent mille mercyz02:30
  • 5Amours, que vous ai meffait03:38
  • 6Abundance de felonie02:30
  • 7Amours, trop vous doi cherir01:04
  • 8Bietris est mes delis00:59
  • 9Bien se lace01:45
  • 10Bonne amour me rent02:22
  • 11Bontes, sen, valours et pris03:10
  • 12Belle et noble, a bonne estrainne01:34
  • 13Bien se peust apercevoir01:39
  • 14Belle, com loiaus amans04:50
  • 15Bonnement m'agree01:35
  • 16Comment que pour l'eloignance04:16
  • 17De gracieuse dame amer01:45
  • 18De la grant joie d'amours02:45
  • 19Douce amour, confortez moi05:43
  • 20Dame, vo regars m'ont mis en la voie03:16
  • 21D'amour qui n'est bien celee03:04
  • 22Dame gracieuse et belle02:23
  • 23Dame, par vo dous regart02:36
  • 24Douce dame, je vous pri01:23
  • 25Douce desirree01:09
  • 26Dame, si vous vient a gre01:57
  • 27Diex, quant la verrai01:42
  • 28Dis tans plus qu'il ne faudroit flours05:00
  • 29Fi, mesdisan esragie00:56
  • 30Guilleurs me font mout souvent01:09
  • 31Gracieusette00:47
  • Total Runtime01:16:15

Info for The Love Songs of Jehan de Lescurel

Many mysteries surround the life of Jehan de Lescurel, beginning with his date of birth. Probably the son of middle-class Parisians, cleric, musician and poet, he was most likely trained at Notre-Dame. His oeuvre consists of some thirty songs written in the waning tradition of the art of the Parisian troubadours and even broaches polyphony. In them, he describes several amorous situations, sometimes depicting the emotions of the rejected suitor, sometimes those of the beautiful misunderstood lady, in a game of love and feelings that range from nostalgia to ecstasy, and not excluding humour. In this complete recording, the three voices of Céladon are backed up by richly coloured instruments.

Ensemble Céladon
Paulin Bündgen, direction

Paulin Bündgen
sings with the ensembles Doulce Mémoire, Akadêmia, Clématis, le Concert de l'Hostel-Dieu, Vox Luminis, Elyma, le Concert Spirituel, les Traversées Baroques... in Europe (France, UK, Germany, Polland, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Belgium, Monaco, Croatia, Lativa, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands...), Russia, Middle-West (Morocco, Turquey, Israël), USA (Miami) and Asia (Taïwan).

He has sang in prestigious festivals: Ambronay, Beaune, Utrecht, Innsbruck, la Chaise-Dieu, the Flanders festival, Vézelay... He founded his own group in 1999, l'ensemble Céladon, whom with he regularly sings in France and abroad. ​

In opera, Paulin Bündgen has sung the parts of Pastore in Monteverdi's Orfeo, Mercurio in Landi's La Morte d'Orfeo, Cirilla in Cavalli's Gli Amori di Dafne e Appollo, Endimione in Cavalli's la Calisto, Ottone in l’Incoronazione di Poppea by Monteverdi, in the prestigious Opera Houses of Versailles, le Châtelet, la Cité de la Musique, Metz's Arsenal, Rennes, Massy, Royal Opera House in Namur, Grand Théâtre de Reims, Teatro Arriaga in Bilbao, London's English National Opera.

He has sang under the direction of conductors Gabriel Garrido, Paul Agnew, Jean Tubéry, Jérôme Corréas, Leonardo Garcia-Alarcón, Françoise Lasserre, Hervé Niquet, and has been staged by Christophe Rauck, Alain Perroux, Pierre-Alain Four.

Paulin Bündgen is regularly invited to sing in the main capitals of the world: Paris, Moscow, Geneva, London, Monaco, Bruxelles, Lisbon, Praga, Taïpei, Warsow, Riga, Rome, Istanbul... ​

His curiosity drove him to sing in Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui's dance-show Mea Culpa, with Turkish musician Kudsi Erguner or beside folk singer Kyrie Kristmanson.

He is also very keen on contemporary music and has performed works (including first performances) by Jacopo Baboni-Schilingi, Pierre-Adrien Charpy, Régis Campo, Pierre Bartholomée... He worked in close collaboration with the composer Jean-Philippe Goude and recorded the album Aux Solitudes with him. He also is the author of the album of electronic music Étrange Septembre, published in 2007.

The world famous composer Michael Nyman wrote for him and l'ensemble Céladon in 2016.

He recorded more than thirty CDs, covering a wide repertoire going from medieval songs to contemporary music.

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