Parry: Songs of Farewell & Other Choral Works Choir of New College Oxford & Robert Quinney

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Label: Novum

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Choral

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  • Hubert Parry (1848 - 1918): Hear My Words, Ye People:
  • 1Hear My Words, Ye People (Arr. for Choir & Organ)14:27
  • Felix Mendelssohn (1809 - 1847): 6 Motets, Op. 79:
  • 26 Motets, Op. 79: No. 1, Weihnachten, MWV B4201:32
  • 36 Motets, Op. 79: No. 2, Am Neujahrstage, MWV B4402:31
  • 46 Motets, Op. 79: No. 3, Am Himmelfahrtstage, MWV B5501:37
  • 56 Motets, Op. 79: No. 4, In der Passionszeit, MWV B5001:28
  • 66 Motets, Op. 79: No. 5, Im Advent, MWV B5401:40
  • 76 Motets, Op. 79: No. 6, Am Karfreitage, MWV B5201:50
  • Hubert Parry: Songs of Farewell:
  • 8Songs of Farewell: No. 1, My Soul, There Is a Country04:05
  • 9Songs of Farewell: No. 2, I Know My Soul Hath Power to Know All Things02:19
  • 10Songs of Farewell: No. 3, Never Weather-Beaten Sail03:31
  • 11Songs of Farewell: No. 4, There Is an Old Belief04:33
  • 12Songs of Farewell: No. 5, At the Round Earth's Imagined Corners07:45
  • 13Songs of Farewell: No. 6, Lord, Let Me Know Mine End10:36
  • 14Songs of Farewell: No. 4, There Is an Old Belief (Early Version)05:01
  • Toccata & Fugue "The Wanderer":
  • 15Toccata & Fugue "The Wanderer": No. 1, Toccata06:47
  • 16Toccata & Fugue "The Wanderer": No. 2, Fugue09:01
  • Total Runtime01:18:43

Info for Parry: Songs of Farewell & Other Choral Works

2018 marks the centenary of Charles Hubert Hastings Parry (1848-1918). We hope you will please consider our new release for review. As is well known, Parry was a dominant force in British music making. Yet recent scholarship has demonstrated how his music brought his native land into the European musical mainstream, through its assimilation of continental—specifically German—models.

This disc situates Parry’s music in its European context. Parry was a social and political liberal, and crucially—like all the leading British musicians of his time—his horizons extended beyond the island of his birth. His late set of six motets, Songs of Farewell, are among his greatest achievements in any musical genre, demonstrating his capacity for deeply affecting introspection. In this recording, they are prefaced by another sextet: the pithy Sechs Sprüche by Mendelssohn, which make clear the debt Parry owed to his continental forebears and contemporaries.

Moreover, this recording presents, for the first time, an early version of ‘There is an old belief’, edited by Robert Quinney from the autograph manuscripts in Oxford’s Bodleian Library and a printed proof copy. The evidence suggests Parry vacillated between two strikingly different versions of the section ‘serene in changeless prime’ until shortly before publication.

Daniel Tate, baritone
Oscar Bennett, treble
Edward Beswick, alto
Andrew Bennett, tenor
George Robarts, bass
Timothy Wakerell, organ
Choir of New College Oxford
Robert Quinney, direction

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