Sustain: Works for Solo Piano & Percussion Instruments Lucie Kaucka, McCormick Percussion Ensemble, Karolina Rojahn & Matt Sharrock

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Label: Navona

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Instrumental

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  • John Dante Prevedini (1987 - ): Lyme Sonata:
  • 1I. Agitato03:03
  • 2II. Cantabile03:52
  • 3III. Risoluto01:46
  • John A. Carollo (1954 - ): Piano Études, Book 3 "Histories":
  • 4No. 13, To Honor the Past Is to Honor the Future (For the Past Is the Great Teacher from Which Our Constructs Are Built)02:42
  • 5No. 14, Passing on Ancient Skills05:26
  • 6No. 15, Unmasking the Past02:15
  • Robert E. Thomas (1971 - ):
  • 7Moto perpetuo02:45
  • Willem Van Twillert (1952 - ):
  • 8Andante for Antoinette04:00
  • Robert E. Thomas (1971 - ): Sixteen Lines Circling a Square:
  • 9I. —02:47
  • 10II. —01:30
  • 11III. —02:20
  • 12IV. —01:26
  • Willem Van Twillert (1952 - ):
  • 13Adagio04:05
  • Daniel Adams (1956 - )
  • 14Solstice Introspect07:01
  • John A. Carollo (1954 - ): Piano Suite No. 9 "Memories of Liszt":
  • 15I. Memories of Liszt05:14
  • 16II. The Exuberant Guest02:34
  • 17III. Peace Is on the Other Side of the Horizon04:24
  • 18IV. Do We Have Time in Common?01:20
  • 19V. Transcendental Incantations03:16
  • Total Runtime01:01:46

Info for Sustain: Works for Solo Piano & Percussion Instruments

Within their varied appearances and sounds, the piano, vibraphone, and marimba make up a unique family. Nonetheless, key similarities bind them together, and SUSTAIN explores just that. The latest multi-composer release by Navona Records, SUSTAIN presents works for various keyboards that explore not only the abilities of each instrument, but the varied approaches from five different composers.

John Dante Prevedini’s Lyme Sonata begins the album, looking at the sonic interplay between smooth and jagged musical voices on piano. Robert Thomas’ Moto Perpetuo and Sixteen Lines Circling a Square create an audial puzzle on solo marimba and on marimba and vibraphone, respectively. Working through layered structures, each piece involves finding the answer to some mental and sonic games.

Willem Van Twillert’s Adagio for Piano and Andante for Antoinette presents the composer’s serene, smooth, and in this case romantic, approach to writing music. Daniel Adams introduces Solstice Introspect for three vibraphones. Inspired by the feelings conjured up by the winter solstice, where the day is at its darkest and feelings of both peace and unsettlement are stirred up, the three vibraphones play with the opposing forces of movement and stillness. John A. Carollo’s Piano Etudes and Piano Suite No. 9 take listeners on a multifaceted journey inspired by the romantic sensibilities of Franz Liszt, the intensity and mischievousness of author Edward Gorey’s story Doubtful Guest, and more.

SUSTAIN demonstrates all that the keyboard is able to present, as well as all its composers are able to pull from the instrument. From soft to striking, from smooth to jagged, SUSTAIN gives it all, and everything in between.

Karolina Rojahn, piano
Lucie Kaucká, piano
Matt Sharrock, marimba, vibraphone
William Brown, vibraphones
Michael Giunta, vibraphones
Nicolas Remy, vibraphones

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