Yann Tiersen: Amélie & Other Piano Works Alessandro Simonetto

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Label: OnClassical

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Instrumental

Artist: Alessandro Simonetto

Composer: Yann Tiersen

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  • Yann Tiersen (b. 1970):
  • 1La pièce vide02:24
  • 2Naomi (Transcr. for Solo Piano)03:22
  • 3La vieux en veut encore01:31
  • 4Comptine d'été No. 102:56
  • 5Comptine d'été No. 202:18
  • 6Comptine d'été No. 302:04
  • 7Sur le fil (Transcr. for Solo Piano)04:25
  • 8La dispute (Transcr. for Solo Piano)01:50
  • 9La chute05:47
  • 10Le retour (Transcr. for Solo Piano)02:00
  • 11L'échec (Transcr. for Solo Piano)01:36
  • 12L'absente02:55
  • 13La valse d'Amélie (From "Amélie") [Version for Solo Piano]02:47
  • 14Le moulin (From "Amélie") [Transcr. for Solo Piano]03:05
  • 15Comptine d'un autre ete. L'apres midi (From "Amélie")02:02
  • 16Summer 78 (From "Good Bye Lenin!") [Transcr. for Solo Piano]02:59
  • 17I Saw Daddy Today (From "Good Bye Lenin!")03:10
  • 18First Rendez-Vous (From "Good Bye Lenin!")01:24
  • 19La plage02:35
  • 20Mary (Transcr. for Solo Piano)02:49
  • 21Plus d'hiver (Transcr. for Solo Piano)01:21
  • 22Le matin01:44
  • 23La jetée (Transcr. for Solo Piano)02:04
  • 24Lok Gweltaz (Transcr. for Solo Piano)03:07
  • 25Porz Goret (Transcr. for Solo Piano)04:52
  • Total Runtime01:07:07

Info for Yann Tiersen: Amélie & Other Piano Works

French composer Yann Tiersen has written music for various instruments, including guitar, piano, synthetizer, violin, accordion, xylophone, and melodica. Some of his compositions have been used in film scoring, such as “Amélie”, whose soundtrack primarily features excerpts from his first three studio albums (“La Valse des monstres”, “Rue des cascades”, and “La Phare”).

The present recording features Tiersen’s original solo piano works selected from his very first album, but also from “L’Absente”, “Les Retrouvailles,” and from his last work - “EUSA”. It also includes some piano works found in the soundtracks for “Amélie” and “Goodbye Lenin!”.

Described by Eric James (music associate of Sir Charles S. Chaplin) as "a tremendous natural talent," Alessandro Simonetto gives a soft touch and poetical sense to the music. Similar assessments were expressed about his latest recording [Satie, E.: Early & Esoteric Works - ÆVEA AE16019/3 CD’s]. But in this new recording we also find a particular rhythmic approach not only to what we identify as minimalistic music or purely "film music," but also rock and avant-garde.

In addition to this extraordinary contribution to the genre, Simonetto is scheduled to record the extensive soundtracks for “Goodbye Lenin!” and “EUSA” soon.

The recording was made by using historical Brüel & Kjær microphones, 110 volts, and Prism Sound equipment. Simonetto plays here his own Steinway D-274.

Alessandro Simonetto, piano

Recorded at Saletta acustica 'Eric James', Pove del Grappa, 2018 Engineered by Alessandro Simonetto

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