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Label: Navona

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Chamber Music

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  • Alan Beeler (1939- ):
  • 1Clarinet Sonata: I. —03:03
  • 2Clarinet Sonata: II. —03:19
  • 3Clarinet Sonata: III. —02:16
  • 4Something More Cheerful Suite (Variations on a Well-Known Tune): I. —01:07
  • 5Something More Cheerful Suite (Variations on a Well-Known Tune): IIa. — - IIb. —02:36
  • 6Something More Cheerful Suite (Variations on a Well-Known Tune): III. —00:31
  • 7Something More Cheerful Suite (Variations on a Well-Known Tune): IV. —01:00
  • 8Something More Cheerful Suite (Variations on a Well-Known Tune): V. —00:34
  • 9Flute Sonata: I. —02:00
  • 10Flute Sonata: II. —02:27
  • 11Flute Sonata: III. —01:45
  • 12My Identity Suite: I. —00:44
  • 13My Identity Suite: II. —01:51
  • 14My Identity Suite: III. —01:34
  • 15English Horn Sonata: I. —02:01
  • 16English Horn Sonata: II. —03:09
  • 17English Horn Sonata: III. —01:07
  • 18Multi-Tonal Suite: I. Arpeggios and Cords Using Conflicting Major Triads00:54
  • 19Multi-Tonal Suite: II. Waltz01:08
  • 20Multi-Tonal Suite: III. Turns, Triads and the Octatonic Scale00:55
  • 21Multi-Tonal Suite: IV. Meandering Major and Augmented Triads00:34
  • 22Multi-Tonal Suite: V. Major and Minor Triads Together01:05
  • 23Multi-Tonal Suite: VI. Arpeggiated Non-Dominant Seventh Chords01:43
  • 24Multi-Tonal Suite: VII. Expanding Chromatic Neighboring Tones01:12
  • 25Multi-Tonal Suite: VIII. Contracting Minor Triads01:33
  • 26Oboe Sonata: I. —02:27
  • 27Oboe Sonata: II. —02:07
  • 28Oboe Sonata: III. —00:57
  • 293 Early Pieces for Solo Piano: Piano Piece No. 100:49
  • 303 Early Pieces for Solo Piano: Piano Piece No. 201:34
  • 313 Early Pieces for Solo Piano: Piano Piece No. 301:08
  • 32Sonata de camera: I. French Overture02:05
  • 33Sonata de camera: II. Chaconne01:07
  • 34Sonata de camera: III. Alla concerto00:57
  • 35Beeler's Fit '0600:39
  • 36Bass Trombone Sonata: I. —02:38
  • 37Bass Trombone Sonata: II. Adagio05:12
  • 38Bass Trombone Sonata: III. Finale01:45
  • 39Piano Sonata: I. —01:28
  • 40Piano Sonata: II. —01:57
  • 41Piano Sonata: III. —02:24
  • 42Piano Sonata: IV. —01:41
  • 43Tuba Sonata "The Octatonic Tuba": I. —02:22
  • 44Tuba Sonata "The Octatonic Tuba": II. —00:53
  • 45Tuba Sonata "The Octatonic Tuba": III. —02:38
  • 46Tuba Sonata "The Octatonic Tuba": IV. —00:42
  • 4712-Tone Quartal Etude00:54
  • Total Runtime01:18:32

Info for Forever Beeler

FOREVER BEELER represents a sampling of composer Alan Beeler’s prolific output throughout his musical career, which is generally defined by his commitment to compositional craft and structural clarity. The works featured on this album also reveal a playfulness lying just under the surface of Beeler’s compositional perspective. This quality of Beeler’s music is most notable in the seven sonatas for piano, often accompanied by another instrument, included in FOREVER BEELER.

Here, Beeler crafts engaging conversations between the players at his disposal – he employs a great deal of imitative writing and a more roaming style than in the more concise works on this album. A particularly clear example of Beeler’s fluid sense of style occurs in the second movement of his Sonata for Clarinet and Piano, which is dominated by a subtle “swing” characteristic as well as the “cakewalk rhythm” popular in early twentieth century ragtime music.

One of the most deeply intriguing works in FOREVER BEELER is the Three Early Pieces for Piano, which ranks among the first music Beeler formally composed and published. These short pieces exemplify the directness of Beeler’s compositional voice, as they clearly develop and resolve a singular musical idea. In addition to being succinct, finely crafted piano miniatures, they stand as evidence to this album’s unique offerings to listeners.

It is extremely rare to have this kind of longitudinal representation of a composer’s career available in an individual recording. The collection is even more valuable because, despite his indomitable and specific approach to composition, Beeler’s oeuvre is filled with nuance, all of which stands out in FOREVER BEELER.

This album is also marked by the way it testifies to the creative conditions of the mid-twentieth century, when Beeler emerged as a composer. The many aforementioned sonatas featured on FOREVER BEELER, for example, suggest the composer’s abiding interest in the forms and styles of the eighteenth and nineteenth century. Yet, piano works like the Twelve-Tone Quartal Etude indicate Beeler was not only subject to a variety of stylistic influences, but also extremely skilled in fulfilling their aesthetic mandates.

Aleš Janeček, clarinet
Lucie Kaucká, piano
Ladislav Bilan, vibraphone
Petr Hladík, flute
Karolina Rojahn, piano
Jennifer Slowick, English horn, oboe
Jan Dvořák, bassoon
Dalibor Procházka, bass trombone
Jiří Král, tuba

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