Per Nørgård: Early Piano Works Niklas Sivelöv

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Label: Dacapo SACD

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Instrumental

Artist: Niklas Sivelöv

Composer: Per Nørgård's

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  • Per Nørgård (1932- ): Sonata determinata:
  • 1I. Allegro determinato04:38
  • 2II. Andante06:12
  • 3III. Vivo scherzando02:48
  • 4IV. Allegro ma non troppo05:54
  • Miniature Concerto in G Major:
  • 5I. Allegro moderato02:36
  • 6II. Andantino01:24
  • 7III. Presto02:34
  • Sonata capricciosa:
  • 8I. Vivo con moto03:07
  • 9II. Pastorale. Andante02:51
  • 10III. Finale. Allegro03:44
  • Trifoglio, Op. 7:
  • 11I. Notturno. Lento, poco rubato03:49
  • 12II. Intermezzo capriccioso. Allegro capriccioso06:33
  • 13III. Elegia. Adagio, non troppo07:31
  • Piano Sonata in One Movement, Op. 6:
  • 14Piano Sonata in One Movement, Op. 615:37
  • Toccata:
  • 15Toccata08:27
  • Total Runtime01:17:45

Info for Per Nørgård: Early Piano Works

Per Norgard, who turned 85 this year, is widely regarded as the most influential Danish composer since Carl Nielsen. Since the beginning of his career, Norgard has composed music for all kinds of instruments, but the piano is probably the one he has remained closest to. Illustrating the development of the ‘universe of the Northern mind’ as well as early influences by both Bach and Stravinsky, the acclaimed pianist Niklas Sivelov presents a unique portrait of Norgard’s earliest musical thinking, including world premiere recordings of the Sonata determinate, Miniature Concerto G Major and Trifoglio. In fact, four of these six works are dedicated to Niklas Sivelov because Norgard is supremely pleased with Sivelov’s interpretations, making this a uniquely authentic recording.

Niklas Sivelöv, piano

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