Psychoderelict (Remaster) Pete Townshend

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Label: Universal Music

Genre: Rock

Subgenre: Classic Rock

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  • 1English Boy05:08
  • 2Meher Baba M303:31
  • 3Let's Get Pretentious03:36
  • 4Meher Baba M402:23
  • 5Early Morning Dreams03:54
  • 6I Want That Thing03:58
  • 7Dialogue Introduction To Outlive The Dinosaur00:32
  • 8Outlive The Dinosaur03:25
  • 9Flame01:08
  • 10Now And Then04:25
  • 11I Am Afraid04:35
  • 12Don't Try To Make Me Real02:59
  • 13Dialogue Introduction To Predictable00:34
  • 14Predictable02:17
  • 15Flame02:41
  • 16Meher Baba M502:36
  • 17Fake It03:29
  • 18Dialogue Introduction To Now And Then00:32
  • 19Now And Then02:58
  • 20Baba O'Riley01:20
  • 21English Boy07:05
  • Total Runtime01:03:06

Info for Psychoderelict (Remaster)

Who leader Pete Townshend's musical "play" „Psychoderelict“ is a song cycle interspersed with spoken-word dialogue. The theme, that of an aging and fading rock star struggling to find grace, is one that Townshend tackles frequently and usually with considerable aplomb. On this music-only version, Townshend lets the songs do the talking. Though a few less-than-stellar moments borne out in the staged version of „Psychoderelict“ carry over to the music, there are indeed thrilling moments of grace in the clamor. The fiery "Predictable" and the storming "English Boy" are vigorous workouts with Townshend in fine defiance of the ravages of aging. Conversely, both "Now and Then" and "Fake It" treat the usually tawdry tales of May-December romances with unflinching honesty and surprising vulnerability.

Pete Townsend, vocals, guitar

Produced by Pete Townshend, Matt Kent, Nick Goderson

Digitally remastered

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