Larry June

Biography Larry June

Larry June
was born in San Francisco, California to teenage parents. When he turned 4 years old his mother decided to relocate to Atlanta, GA, where young June developed a love and a passion for music. In Atlanta he was exposed to the southern sounds of Hip Hop. His love for music was further enhanced by his summer visits to see his father in San Francisco.

His father, who is a musician had young June in the studio from the age of 5 years old, giving him early exposure to how music is made. To keep his son busy around the studio June’s father bought him a keyboard and during one summer visit the young June would teach himself how to create his own music. By the age of 8 years old June had mastered rapping and creating his own music.

June released his first mixtape at the age of 15 and over the years he has stayed true to his southern roots while still maintaining his Bay area/California sound – creating a unique sound. Utailizing social media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube and Soundcloud, June has built a tremendous fan base and following to his music. His best-known songs include “Rookie of the Year,” “Max Pain” and “Glock 40”. The San Francisco rapper just recently dropped the mixtake “Larry EP” following up on his September, 2015 release of mixtape “#GoodJobLarry”.

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