Colossus Fall

Biography Colossus Fall

Colossus Fall
is a hardcore metal band created in 2009 in Geneva, Switzerland. In its eight years of existence, the band has released three albums (see discography) and has played over one hundred concerts across Europe - including tours in Ireland and the Czech Republic. The band is known for its innovative blend of rock, hardcore and metal containing sludge incursions, as well as psychedelic sounds mixed with more aggressive rhythms.

The year 2019 marks a new phase in the group’s career with the fourth release and 2nd album, signed under the label TENACITY Music.

It is equally on stage that the scale and breadth of Colossus Fall’s talent is measured. With experience gained over the years, the band has built a powerful stage presence and memorable performances, throwing audiences into the centre of impeccably mastered technique and furious sound maelstrom. The band had the opportunity to share the stage with various bands like Walls of Jericho, Neurosis, Terror, Clutch, Agnostic Front, Savior and many others!

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