Diana Krall - Turn Up The Quiet

Review Diana Krall - Turn Up The Quiet

Diana Krall has long been a brand in the field of jazz singing. This means for the jazz lady, that each new album is longed for by her fans and inevitably becomes a self-runner. These fans are to be found in jazz circles as well as in circles of the so-called High End, the high-priced Hi-Fi sector with the claim of the very best sounds, with the result that albums by Diana Krall are traded as demo objects, for example on audio fairs, due to their usually admirably excellent recording technology. And this without regard for the artistic quality of the albums, which has always been undisputed, and at least tends to high altitude flights, when Diana Krall is active as a pianist accompanying herself. Just her first albums tell of the formidable jazz pianist with high improvisational potential. Not least, Diana Krall usually delivers jazz without provocative edges and corners, that is, jazz with a not to be underestimated degree of courtesy, which means that she can also include pronounced jazz despisers to their fans.

As is the case today, the brand value of Diana Kralls is reflected in a hefty number of award-winning prizes, including Grammy and Echo Jazz awards, as well as in Gold- and Platinum-winning albums. A performance in the White House at Barack Obama's time reflects their broad social appreciation. So here we truly have an artist on the zenith of her career.

That is still the case, also demonstrates her latest album "Turn Up The Quiet". Creating calm, restfulness, and this in our exaggerated loud, even troubled times is the aim of the album. And Diana Krall succeeds in attaining this noble goal, thanks to her velvety softly intoned voice, by which she presents songs of the American songbook in a completely relaxed form, which is characteristic for the singer. Whether she acts a bit too relaxed, or a big part of the songs are softened with strings, or even that this approach to songs is already best known from previous albums, at any rate the thread is in the air, that the sought-after restfulness is tipped over in boredom. The fact that this does not happen in the end, is ensured by those songs realized in the environment of an instrumental quartet, which allow us to perceive the originally risky acting Diana Krall of earlier days, who had not been averse of improvisation at all, who however nowadays rather moves in the singing comfort zone.

The fact that what is offered on "Turn Up The Quiet" for the listener with a high relaxation value has an elevated level of singing, is a matter of honor for a Diana Krall. That the recording technology once again provides for luxurious sound, was to be expected. This should be enough reason for most of her supporters to cheer, and this album always delivers new food for High End demos. However, anyone who had hoped for a resurrection of a Diana Krall of the first hour celebrating jazz more courageously than on this new album, must continue to be patient.

Diana Krall, vocals, piano
Russell Malone, guitar
Anthony Wilson, guitar
Tony Garnier, bass
John Clayton Jr., bass
Christian McBride, bass
Karriem Riggins, drums
Jeff Hamilton, drums
Stuart Duncan, fiddle

Diana Krall - Turn Up The Quiet

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