George Winston - Spring Carousel

Review George Winston - Spring Carousel

Regardless of his musical content, this album is special, because the revenues of the album will exclusively benefit the clinic "City of Hope Hospital" near Los Angeles, the clinic that cured the pianist of cancer. The album is also special because it contains nine of a total of 59 pieces for solo piano which have been composed, performed and recorded by George Winston in the same clinic during his stay there in 2013. After all, this album is also special because it can be a model for successful music colleagues of the pianist to also soar to a social commitment by waiving income from one or more of their albums. George Winston has also reacted to the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, and to hurricane catastrophes on the US East Coast with benefit albums in favor of the respective victims. This is notable even on the background that that George Winston, whose career began 40 years ago, is one of the most successful pianists of his genre, who brought it to platinum honors with his albums.

The output of George Winston's albums - Spring Carousel is his fourteenth album - is remarkable not least because he composes the songs and pieces himself. George Winston is known for the most diverse piano-based music styles, such as "Rural Folk Piano"; "Stride piano" and primarily "New Orleans R & B Piano". The songs on Spring Carousel, however, fall into none of these categories. George Winston himself describes the song style on his latest album as "minimalistic" and "circular", inspired by the circular movement of carousels and the orbiting planets and stars, but also by the work of a Steve Reich, one of the pioneers of Minimal Music. No program is strictly set for the pieces on Spring Carousel, so that each listener can dream his own story about the pieces. It is true that in the booklet there are hints as to which dreams the composer has been following in the development of the pieces; such hints, however, are rarely helpful to anybody or even effective, but rather detrimental to one’s own imagination, which prefers to unfold individually undisturbed by guidelines. Indeed, the pieces on the solo piano album "Spring Carousel" offer numerous opportunities for the unfolding of their own imagination: relaxing, immersing and dreaming is the recipe for the ideal conception of the themselves revolving fantastic, imaginative compositions of the pianist.

The musical content of Spring Carousel is also something unusual, yes, something special, nothing less than a veritable event, which also can convince sound-technically a high-resolution download.

George Winston, piano

George Winston - Spring Carousel

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