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Label: Challenge Records

Genre: Jazz

Subgenre: Mainstream Jazz

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FLAC 44.1 $ 12.50
  • 1My Favorite Rhythms07:03
  • 2The Ant Colony (A Tribute to Gödel, Escher, Bach)10:02
  • 3Kaleidophone05:34
  • 4Mali Blues05:39
  • 5Switchery06:47
  • 6Kaleidoscope Africaine11:48
  • Total Runtime46:53

Info for Six

Orbit Folks' debut album "Six" brings a new sound to Challenge Records described as a mix of Weather Report, Tortoise and Jaga Jazzist.

Bassist-composer Martijn Vanbuel is global citizen who has lived in Paris, Shanghai and Taipei, and worked at high levels with notables in jazz, pop and world music. With Orbit Folks, he combines all of these influences into his own whimsical universe, for which he borrows sounds, rhythms and colours from every corner of the musical world. Orbit Folks presents cinematic music, often longer compositions, but groove-based and with enough space for improvisation. Think intelligent and hypnotic world-jazz-rock.

Martijn Vanbuel, double bass
Janelle Chang, violin
Toshihiro Wakaike, table
Mike Tseng, piano
Special guests:
Pietro Valente, drums
Tammy Tang, vocals
Wu Ching, vocals
Alex Pryrodny, piano

Martijn Vanbuel
(born 1980, Neerpelt, Belgium) is a jazz acoustic and electric bass player, composer/producer and educator who is active in a wide range of styles of music. Martijn has a keen interest in all sorts of folk and world music (of which jazz is one) and often fuses these styles into his own whimsical compositions. Being educated as a decent jazz standard and bebop player, Martijn uses these skills to a much wider range of settings, such as his own Orbit Folks, the Taiwanese world jazz group Sizhukong, or with the Amber Haddad Trio.

studied jazz double bass at the Lemmensinstituut conservatory of Leuven, Belgium (now LUCA School of Arts) and at the Superieur Conservatory of Paris, France. After a brief show-up in the scene of Shanghai, China, Martijn lives in Taipei, Taiwan, from 2016 till 2014, to become an essential part of a new thriving scene, working in all fields, from jazz tot pop, from world music to improvised and free. He was also a member of the fusion group Sizhukong, which fuses Chinese music and jazz, with whom he traveled to a dozen of countries throughout the world.

With his own group Orbit Folks he has produced 2 full length albums, and one live DVD, being nominated for the Golden Melody Award 6 times and winning it twice. In Taiwan he was lecturer at National Tainan University of the Arts and guest lecturer in Zhong Shan University in Kaohsuing.

Martijn has an impressive CV of national and internationals collaborations, such as with Ari Hoenig, Tony Lakatos, James Carter, Joel Holmes, Tyler Blanton, Alex Sipiagin, Monday Michiru, Bert Joris, Frank Vaganee, Dre Pallemaerts, Jos Moons, Robin Verheyen, Jef Neve, Peter Hertmans, Erik Vermeulen, Jean-Paul Estievenart, Steven Delannoye, Toine Thys, Tutu Puane, Ewout Pierreux, Tim Finoulst, Reinier Baas, Rik Mol, Sebastiaan Kaptein, Lionel Beuvens, Bram Weijters, Hendrik Lasure, Matthias De Waele, Carlo Nardozza, Thomas De Cock, etc…

Martijn is regular member of Tim Finoulst Trio, Thomas De Cock Light Travellers, Amber Haddad Trio, Renaud Person Ursa Major, Lieven Cambre All-In Quartet, Jos Moons Quintet etc…

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