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Label: IBS Classical

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Chamber Music

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FLAC 96 $ 12.80
  • 1Obra de Clarines (Arr. for Clarion, Organ & Percussion)07:57
  • 2Matassine (Arr. for Clarion, Organ & Percussion)01:15
  • 3Otro Género de Canarios02:27
  • 4Entrada de Bretons (Arr. for Clarion, Organ & Percussion)00:54
  • 5Obra de Pensie (Arr. for Clarion, Organ & Percussion)00:57
  • 6Canción (Arr. for Clarion, Organ & Percussion)01:26
  • 7La Marche de Gautier (Arr. for Clarion, Organ & Percussion)01:33
  • 8Chacona05:43
  • 9Llamadas de Clarín (Arr. for Clarion, Organ & Percussion)00:59
  • 10Otra Canción, Se Ha de Tocar Grave (Arr. for Clarion, Organ & Percussion)01:28
  • 11Canción de Clarín, con Eco, a Discreción (Arr. for Clarion, Organ & Percussion)01:09
  • 12Canción VIII a 2 Clarines (Arr. for Organ)01:12
  • 13Batalla (Arr. for Clarion, Organ & Percussion)08:12
  • 14Canción VII01:16
  • 15Canción XVII01:08
  • 16Canción V00:49
  • 17Canción de un Clarín Solo (Arr. for Clarion, Organ & Percussion)02:52
  • 18Canción XII a 2 Clarines01:06
  • 19Canción a 2 Clarines (Arr. for Clarion, Organ & Percussion)00:45
  • 20Otra Canción para Ecos (Arr. for Clarion, Organ & Percussion)00:55
  • 21Otra Canción (Arr. for Clarion, Organ & Percussion)01:00
  • 22Bayle del Gran Duque05:04
  • 23Zarabanda Francesa Bayle del Gran Duque (Arr. for Clarion, Organ & Percussion)06:24
  • 24Canción XXIX00:32
  • 25Canción XXIV00:55
  • 26Canción XXII01:05
  • 27Bailo di dame (Arr. for Clarion, Organ & Percussion)01:04
  • 28Minué No. 6 (Arr. for Clarion, Organ & Percussion)01:04
  • 29El Villano (Arr. for Clarion, Organ & Percussion)01:04
  • 30Minué No. 701:04
  • 31Minué al violín No. 26 (Rigaudon)01:03
  • Total Runtime01:04:22

Info for Clarines de Batalla

The music selected for this recording is from the Spanish Baroque repertoire compiled by the Franciscan priest, organist, composer and collector of music Antonio Martín y Coll (1660-1734) in various books published at the beginning of the eighteenth century, specifically between 1706 and 1709. Although this music was originally composed to be played by organists, a substantial part was in fact influenced, in compositional terms, by the prevailing performance style of the time that employed clarines the name given to the trumpets played in the upper registers, also known as the clarin register. Early evidence points to their use on solemn occasions thanks to the brilliance of their sound. (Vicente Alcaide)

Vicente Alcaide, trumpet
Igino Conforzi, trumpet
Abraham Martinez, organ
Alvaro Garrido, percussion

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