Crime Trap Dave Starson

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Label: CosMind Music

Genre: Hip Hop

Artist: Dave Starson

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FLAC 44.1 $ 6.80
  • 1Dark Alleys02:59
  • 2Dangerous Area02:21
  • 3Undercover Mission02:37
  • 4Crime City02:43
  • 5Night Shadows02:31
  • 6Midnight Conspiracy02:26
  • 7Suspicious & Devious02:45
  • 8Lawless Area02:19
  • 9Road To Uncertainty02:42
  • 10Investigation Trap02:48
  • 11Downtown Crime02:23
  • 12Shadowy & Suspect02:38
  • 13Undercover Investigation02:37
  • 14Dubious Players03:02
  • Total Runtime36:51

Info for Crime Trap

An irresistible gloomy collection of contemporary tensed urban trap hip hop beats with cinematic ambiences and orchestral colors. Dave Starson's new work is an exciting, cutting-edge soundtrack album created for today's crime dramas & documentaries facing a merciless reality. Edgy, dark, mysterious cues for true crime investigations, tense thrillers, cold cases, unsolved mystery in film, documentaries and trailers.

Dave Starson

Dave Starson
A skilled multi-instrumentalist and super-talented composer, Dave Starson has a passion for combining diverse elements and making them work in unique and unexpected ways. His captivating musical works are unified by a highly positive and spirited nature, driven by the optimism and power of the young generation.

This album contains no booklet.

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