Some Girls Wander By Mistake (Remastered) The Sisters Of Mercy

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Label: Rhino, WSM UK

Genre: Rock

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  • 1Alice03:34
  • 2Floorshow03:40
  • 3Phantom07:10
  • 4196902:45
  • 5Kiss The Carpet05:55
  • 6Lights05:51
  • 7Valentine04:44
  • 8Fix03:41
  • 9Burn04:49
  • 10Kiss The Carpet (Reprise)00:36
  • 11Temple of Love (Extended Version 1983)07:42
  • 12Heartland04:44
  • 13Gimme Shelter05:57
  • 14The Damage Done03:03
  • 15Watch03:11
  • 16Home Of The Hit-Men00:34
  • 17Body Electric04:18
  • 18Adrenochrome02:57
  • 19Anaconda04:06
  • 20Temple of Love (1992)08:08
  • 21Vision Thing (Canadian Club Remix)07:34
  • 22Under the Gun (Metropolis Mix)06:18
  • 23Alice (1993)04:00
  • 24Under the Gun (Jutland Mix)06:19
  • Total Runtime01:51:36

Info for Some Girls Wander By Mistake (Remastered)

Collection of all five early seven inch and twelve inch singles, both a and B-sides, released between 1980-1983 before the band signed to a major label. 19 tracks including the extremely rare 'The Damage Done', 'Watch' and 'Home of the Hit-Men', as well as the original extended version of 'Temple of Love', their covers of the Rolling Stones' 'Gimme Shelter' and the Stooges' '1969', plus 'Alice', 'Kiss the Carpet', 'Valentine', 'Floorshow', 'Phantom' and more. Warner.

The Sisters of Mercy released a compilation of their studio recordings from 1980 through 1983. It’s a dark piece of work, to be sure, but it’s filled with some of the most iconic material of the band’s career.

Formed in Leeds, England, the Sisters of Mercy originally consisted of precisely two members: Andrew Eldritch and Gary Marx, a duo who’d regularly attended a punk night at an established called the F-club. They reportedly only started the Sisters because they wanted to hear themselves on the radio, which they eventually did, so…nice one, guys.

The first single by the Sisters was “Damage Done,” featuring the B-sides “Watch” and “Home of the Hit-men.” Sadly, it failed to chart. Mind you, none of the singles contained within SOME GIRLS WANDER BY MISTAKE managed to chart, but that’s not stopped them from influencing countless goth kids over the years. After the release of “Damage Done,” on which Eldritch played drums and Marx played guitar, the Sisters brought in Craig Adams on bass and replaced Eldritch’s drumming with a drum machine, thereby freeing him up to sing. Also adding guitar work: Ben Gunn. Oh, and lest we forget, the drum machine also had a name: Doktor Avalanche. (You have to admit, that’s a pretty cool name.)

„For over a decade, the early singles of Andrew Eldritch's goth crew, the Sisters of Mercy, existed only in a limited-edition vinyl format. They also went for fairly high prices, something that led to extensive bootlegging. Thankfully, in 1992 head honcho Eldritch decided to release all of the Sisters' pre-major-label material on a single compilation CD. He was rewarded with a U.K. number one album, and the opportunity to buy himself a new Porsche. The title comes from a Leonard Cohen song, "Teachers," which was the first song performed by the fledgling Sisters. All five early singles/EPs are here, from 1980's "The Damage Done" to 1983's "Temple of Love." The material is not presented chronologically, which is fine since the band's first two singles are the weakest on the album. "The Damage Done" might command a high price on vinyl but isn't a particularly good song, and the 30-second B-side "Home of the Hit-Men" is entirely pointless. Follow-up single "Body Electric" is better, featuring the classic punk workout "Adrenochrome," but it wasn't until 1982's "Alice" that the band hit its stride. The title track is an instant classic, while "Floorshow" became a live show staple. The Reptile House EP, featuring tracks five to ten on the CD, saw the Sisters take a turn into more overtly dark territory, featuring some of their bleakest and most anguished work. Their final indie release, "Temple of Love," continued this trend, with Eldritch turning in an impressive vocal performance. The cover of "Gimme Shelter" doesn't entirely work, but it's an interesting glimpse into the band's roots. Some Girls Wander By Mistake captures the Sisters of Mercy at their most ferocious and angry, in the years before the band became weighed down by over-produced synth-based efforts. As a look at the formative years of a still-popular band, it's great, but as a reminder of the punk roots of the goth movement, it's priceless.“ (Jim Harper, AMG)

Andrew Eldritch, vocals, (lead vocals on track 14), guitar, drums
Craig Adams, bass
Ben Gunn, guitar
Gary Marx, guitar, vocals (lead vocals on tracks 15 and 16)
Doktor Avalanche, drums, drum machine

Produced by Andrew Eldritch

Digitally remastered

The Sisters of Mercy
are a rock band formed in Leeds, England in 1977, when guitarist Gary Marx and then drummer Andrew Eldritch "just wanted to hear themselves on the radio." Widely regarded as Goth Rock by their fans, but Eldritch denounced this label himself, preferring to call The Sisters an "Industrial Groove Machine."

The band's lineup is ever changing, with the exception of Andrew Eldritch (vocals, guitar, keyboards) and Doktor Avalanche (a drum machine). Past members include, but are not limited to: Ben Gunn (who ran away to play in a band called Torch in 1983), Gary Marx (who ran away to form Ghost Dance in 1985), Wayne Hussey and Craig Adams (who ran away to form The Mission), Patricia Morrison (who ran away after Andrew didn't pay her for playing on Floodland), Tony James (ex-Generation X and Sigue Sigue Sputnik, who ran away after Vision Thing).

They were on a hiatus between 1993-1996, and they've been back together ever since. People don't seem to know this, however, because Andrew Eldritch refuses to release any of the new material he's written and recorded in the past 17 years — enough new songs to fill a couple of albums. They still tour frequently though, for what it's worth, and play these new songs live often. …

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