The Wings of War Overkill

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Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Rock

Subgenre: Metal

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  • 1Last Man Standing05:49
  • 2Believe in the Fight05:03
  • 3Head of a Pin05:56
  • 4Batshitcrazy04:33
  • 5Distortion06:09
  • 6A Mother's Prayer03:58
  • 7Welcome to the Garden State04:42
  • 8Where Few Dare to Walk05:25
  • 9Out on the Road-Kill04:41
  • 10Hole in My Soul04:47
  • Total Runtime51:03

Info for The Wings of War

New frontiers aren’t often conquered in the modern world of heavy metal, yet OVERKILL remain unfazed by the growing presence of social media, modern internet, a demand for streaming services, and a general sense of competition between the sea of other metal bands trying to make a name for themselves, today.

It’s with over 30 years under their leather belts that these New Jersey natives are prepared to unveil their latest offering: »The Wings Of War«. With 10 tracks and fifty one minutes long, their 19th full length album is the ultimate combination of sickening brutality and addictive melody. It was yet another incredible album cover design by Travis Smith that sparked the idea of what to name this next album. With 5 of the iconic Overkill winged skulls brooding powerfully around the table seemingly prepared for battle, »The Wings Of War« simply rolled off the tongue.

With the fresh addition of seasoned drummer Jason Bittner (ex-Shadows Fall, Flotsam And Jetsam, Stigmata), OVERKILL is experiencing a new chemistry this time around, truly giving the record a unique feel. The writing was funneled through its familiar foundation, but now had a fresh influence and energy that inspired the entire band.

With at least the next six months already blocked off for a South American tour, followed by a U.S. tour, OVERKILL are on overdrive as usual with no signs of coming to a halt. This most recent cycle has a different feel; an old formula that evolved with new life and new breath and that after all these years, still generates an exquisite power.

Bobby „Blitz“ Ellsworth, vocals
D.D. Verni, bass
Dave Linsk, lead guitar
Derek Tailer, rhythm guitar
Jason Bittner, drums

New York thrash quartet formed in 1984 by vocalist Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth and guitarist Bobby Gustafson, also including bassist D.D. Vernie and drummer Sid Falck. The band garnered a reputation for brutal, pounding speed, but lacked the musical diversity to compete with heavy hitters like Metallica. Gustafson quit in 1989 and was replaced by Rob Cannavino and Merrit Gant. The band recorded their most effective and varied album, Horrorscope, in 1991; among subsequent releases were 1994's W.F.O., 1996's Fuck You and Then Some and 1999's Necroshine. Coverkill celebrated the band's influences with renditions of songs by Black Sabbath, Jethro Tull, the Sex Pistols and others.

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