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  • 1Let Me Show You The Door (2021 Remaster)03:24
  • 2Midsummer Day (2021 Remaster)05:50
  • 3Little Miss Heaven (2021 Remaster)03:19
  • 4Winter Solstice (2021 Remaster)02:49
  • 5Save Me (2021 Remaster)08:20
  • 6Sun Is Going Down (2021 Remaster)05:18
  • 7Watching What The Rain Blows In (2021 Remaster)05:45
  • 8Fallen Angel (2021 Remaster)04:55
  • 9Dreams Of Reason (2021 Remaster)07:39
  • 10Goodman Rag (2021 Remaster)03:58
  • 11All My Charms (2021 Remaster)05:53
  • 12Baby What You Trying To Do (2021 Remaster)05:57
  • Total Runtime01:03:07

Info for The Tea Party (Remastered)

30th anniversary: Remixed, Remastered, Restored. The Tea Party (1991) is the first album by the Canadian rock group The Tea Party. It was originally recorded as a demo which the band submitted to several record companies. However, the trio was not signed to any recording contract and decided to release the album independently.

For fans of the band, The Tea Party has remained a collectible album since its release in 1991. It was originally recorded as a demo that the band submitted to several record companies. However, the band was not signed to any recording contract and decided to release the album independently. The album production is relatively lo-fi, and the band re-recorded several of the songs for their follow-up Splendor Solis. Only 3,500 copies of the album were made, some of which were cassettes, making the recording highly desirable among Tea Party devotees.

"Thirty years is a significant milestone. It has certainly been a trip in every sense of the word. If you had asked us in 1991 if we'd be re-issuing this record in 2021, we might actually have said, 'Why yes of course!' as it was this self-belief that let the band make the kind of music we made," explains The Tea Party's Stuart Chatwood.

"We are thrilled to finally be able to share this limited release with all our supporters....It captures a band on the beginning of a sonic trip that took us from Detroit to Delhi to Dusseldorf to Down Under and back. Physically the record enabled us to journey from a tiny Toronto rehearsal space to some of the greatest venues in the world and for that we are very thankful. Enjoy!"

Formed in 1990, The Tea Party have released seven studio albums, selling over three million copies worldwide, filling stadiums on the strength of anthemic hits such as "The River," "Sister Awake," "Temptation," and "Heaven Coming Down."

Jeff Martin, guitars, vocals
Stuart Chatwood, bass
Jeff Burrows, drums and percussion

Produced by Jeff Martin

Digitally remastered

Please Note: We offer this album in its native sampling rate of 44.1 kHz, 24-bit. The provided 96 kHz version was up-sampled and offers no audible value!

The Tea Party
Jeff Martin grew up in Windsor, Ontario, just across the Detroit River from the home of proto-punk and the Motown sound; he was also influenced by his blues-loving father. He formed the Tea Party with multi-instrumentalists Stuart Chatwood (bass, keyboards, mandolin, and harmonium) and Jeff Burrows (drums, percussion). Martin himself plays guitars, sitar, hurdy gurdy and harpguitar. Consequently, the trio's sound marries rock with elements of Middle Eastern, Celtic and Mediterranean music. Their 1993 album, Splendor Solis, sold over one million copies in Canada; The Edges of Twilight followed, trailed in 1997 by Transmission.

Jeff Martin
was raised in Windsor, Ontario and started playing the guitar at age 8. He formed his first band at age 11 and decided, then and there, that this is what he wanted to do with his life. In high school he was challenged by an older student to learn a blues-inspired Led Zeppelin song which inspired his father, a blues fan, who turned him on to the blues standards.

Jeff caught on quickly and could frequently be found jamming with professional bands from the Windsor Detroit area while still in his teens. During his teens he was also given a copy of The Beatles' Sergeant Pepper's album and his imagination was captured by the instrumentation of “Within You Without You.” Jeff developed a fascination with eastern tunings and instruments, a preoccupation he later indulged with great success as a member of the seminal Canadian band, The Tea Party. Jeff is also a producer. In addition to producing or co-producing all of The Tea Party's albums he has worked with artists such as Tenth Planet and Hundred Mile House and has recorded with David Usher, Conjure One and Todd Kerns.

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