Hertz Annelie

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Label: Masterworks

Genre: Instrumental

Subgenre: Piano

Artist: Annelie

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  • Annelie:
  • 1Tomorrow03:33
  • 2190004:25
  • 3October02:57
  • 41702:19
  • 5Lost02:41
  • 6Return02:36
  • 7Moon03:28
  • 8Amos03:18
  • 9Interlude01:13
  • 10For You02:42
  • 11Tuesday03:11
  • 12Water02:30
  • Total Runtime34:53

Info for Hertz

Hertz was recorded in the concert hall of the same name at Utrecht's TivoliVredenburg venue, these twelve songs act like crystallized moments. Each was named after a specific time, place or sentiment that spawned its genesis. "Most of the songs were created in a fairly short period of time when a lot of hectic things happened right in my life: buying my first house, moving, getting married, plus a very big renovation. Lots of chaos. Playing the piano was my way of unwinding and finding some comfort."

Songs are generally a blend of sound, voice, melody and rhythm working in harmony to either tell a story or evoke a feeling. Dutch songwriter Annelie explores her solo work within the confines of a single instrument: the piano. This allows her to purvey her purest, most candid self. And strangely enough, Annelie has received many stories from people listening to her songs that evoke the exact same feeling she had when she first wrote them. It’s an eerie but nevertheless comforting affirmation that music can establish a universal transmission.

Annelie Hertz, piano

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