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  • 1Elevator Music03:37
  • 2Think I'm In Love03:19
  • 3Cellphone's Dead04:46
  • 4Strange Apparition03:48
  • 5Soldier Jane03:59
  • 6Nausea02:56
  • 7New Round03:26
  • 8Dark Star03:45
  • 9We Dance Alone03:57
  • 10No Complaints03:00
  • 111000BPM02:29
  • 12Motorcade04:15
  • 13The Information03:46
  • 14Movie Theme03:53
  • 15The Horrible Fanfare / Landslide / Exoskeleton10:37
  • Total Runtime01:01:33

Info for The Information

Recording began on The Information in 2003, but wasn’t finished until early 2006. In the meantime, Beck would record and release both Guero and its remixed sister, Guerolito. Beck and producer Nigel Godrich would meet over the years—balancing between other projects—to plug away at the songs that would eventually become this record; the result of this extended genesis is perhaps Beck’s only album without its own singular identity. The production, however, is outstanding, and some of the songs are really there. “Think I’m In Love” is Beck’s most honest pop song, and “Cellphone’s Dead” touches on a lot of the funky electronic elements that worked so well on Midnite Vultures and Odelay. “Dark Star” has a great trip-hop groove. It all feels a little less focused than his usual efforts, but there are still more hits than misses on The Information.

Beck, vocals, guitars, melodica, piano, organ, keyboards, programming, effects, percussion, drums
Nigel Godrich, keyboards, programming, effects, scratching, tambourine, percussion, background vocals
Jason Falkner, bass, guitars, African bass, Moog synthesizer bass, background vocals, percussion, drums
James Gadson, drums, percussion, background vocals
Joey Waronker, drums, percussion, background vocals
Alex Acuña, percussion, background vocals
Harvey Mason, drums
Brian LeBarton, Speak 'n Spell
Justin Stanley, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, background vocals, percussion, flute
Greg Kurstin, keyboards, berimbau, piano, bass keyboard, synthesizer, background vocals, acoustic guitar
DJ Z-Trip, scratching
Stevie Black, cello, percussion, background vocals
Cosimo Hansen, talking

Recorded at Ocean Way Studios, Conway Studios, Sound Isadore from Winter 2003 to Spring 2006
Mastered at Gateway Mastering, Portland, ME
Produced by Nigel Godrich and Beck

Digitally remastered

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