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  • 1Volatile04:38
  • 2Catharsis06:10
  • 3Beyond the Pale04:31
  • 4California Bleeding04:12
  • 5Triple Beam04:41
  • 6Kaleidoscope04:03
  • 7Bastards05:04
  • 8Hope Begets Hope04:30
  • 9Screaming at the Sun03:54
  • 10Behind a Mask04:07
  • 11Heavy Lies the Crown08:48
  • 12Psychotic05:01
  • 13Grind You Down04:06
  • 14Razorblade Smile04:00
  • 15Eulogy06:33
  • Total Runtime01:14:18

Info for Catharsis

9th studio album by US Groove Metal Masters. 2nd Album on Nuclear Blast.

Offering vast quantities of style and substance, Catharsis is a 75-minute, 15-track eruption of pain and fury, hope and joy, melody and savagery. By far the most hard-hitting album Machine Head have ever made, both musically and lyrically, it sustains their long tradition of writing songs about the real world and the authentic, heartfelt emotions that define the human condition. Instant classics like the thunderous, riff-driven “Beyond The Pale”, the lurching grooves and drug-dealer poetry of “Triple Beam" and the grinding psychedelia of “Kaleidoscope“ are among the most evocative and powerful that Flynn and his decades-long band-mates, drummer Dave McClain and guitarist Phil Demmel have penned to date, while snarling, thrash’n’roll bruisers like “California Bleeding” and the Lemmy-saluting “Razorblade Smile“ revel in Machine Head’s thuggish, obnoxious side. All human life is here, expressed with maximum honesty and brute force.

In the era of short attention spans, Machine Head are proudly going against the grain on Catharsis, delivering a bona fide musical journey that demands total immersion and surrender to the album’s dramatic peaks and troughs. Long-time fans will be immediately sated by the crushing heaviness of songs like historical epic “Heavy Lies The Crown”, which tells the tale of Louis XI, the ‘Spider King’ of France, and the swaggering crunch of the grunge-tinged “Screaming At The Sun”. Meanwhile, Machine Head are conquering fresh territory on Catharsis, via the deeply poignant folk-punk curveball of “Bastards“ and the all-acoustic melancholy of “Behind A Mask”, one of numerous songs that showcase the blossoming vocal harmony partnership between Flynn and bassist Jared MacEachern.

If heavy music stands for anything, it’s freedom. Formed in Oakland, California in 1991, Machine Head have forged a formidable reputation and huge global fan base by never surrendering their artistic liberty or compromising their belief in the power of heaviness. Exploding into the consciousness of metalheads worldwide with their seminal 1994 debut album ‘Burn My Eyes’, the band led by singer/guitarist Robb Flynn have consistently raged against the grain, producing a steady stream of lead-heavy but fiendishly inventive modern metal records that have both defined and redefined the sound of metal in the 21st century.

Robb Flynn, lead vocals, guitar
Phil Demmel, guitar, backing vocals
Jared MacEachern, bass, backing vocals
Dave McClain, drums, percussion

Machine Head
is an American thrash/groove metal band that formed in 1992 in Oakland, California. Machine Head was formed by two ex-"Vio-Lence" members Robert Flynn and Adam Duce. The band has been plagued by lineup changes and drug abuse since its inception. Though the band's first album was a success, Machine Head had a series of albums that earned the band criticism for "selling out". With 5 former members, the band nearly disbanded in 2002 after Roadrunner Records dropped them. The band resigned soon after and had a stable line-up from 2003-2013. In february of 2013 it was announced that after 21 years Duce left the band leaving Flynn the only remaining original member. In 2007 Machine Head had a Grammy Award nomination for their album "The Blackening".

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