Stradella: La Circe (First & Second Versions) & Other Works Alessandro Stradella Consort & Estévan Velardi

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Label: Dynamic

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Opera

Artist: Alessandro Stradella Consort & Estévan Velardi

Composer: Alessandro Stradella (1642-1682)

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  • Alessandro Stradella (1643 - 1682): Cantatas & Arias for Soprano & Continuo:
  • 1Stradella: Cantatas & Arias for Soprano & Continuo: No. 1, Soffro, misero, e taccio!13:09
  • La Dori (Excerpts):
  • 2Stradella: La Dori (Excerpts): Dormi, Titone, addio!02:27
  • 3Stradella: La Dori (Excerpts): Sorgi o vaga01:23
  • 4Stradella: La Dori (Excerpts): Oggi la bella Dori02:02
  • 5Stradella: La Dori (Excerpts): Dileguatevi orrori, ombre sparite!02:51
  • 6Stradella: La Dori (Excerpts): Alle gioie ai contenti01:21
  • La Circe (First Version):
  • 7Stradella: La Circe (First Version): Sinfonia. Adagio01:56
  • 8Stradella: La Circe (First Version): Se desio curioso il cor v’ingombra02:04
  • 9Stradella: La Circe (First Version): Qui per dare a sé stesso, e regno e tomba01:00
  • 10Stradella: La Circe (First Version): Ma quale, in queste arene02:18
  • 11Stradella: La Circe (First Version): O de’ regi alto germoglio02:04
  • 12Stradella: La Circe (First Version): Chi parla?03:15
  • 13Stradella: La Circe (First Version): Vola Zeffiro, vola!01:15
  • 14Stradella: La Circe (First Version): Chi stupori cercando va02:11
  • 15Stradella: La Circe (First Version): Correrò, volerò01:15
  • 16Stradella: La Circe (First Version): Ferma! Zeffiro ferma02:38
  • 17Stradella: La Circe (First Version): Ogni vasto desio01:05
  • 18Stradella: La Circe (First Version): Se d’angusta campagna01:43
  • 19Stradella: La Circe (First Version): Chi di voi mi porta a volo02:00
  • 20Stradella: La Circe (First Version): Queste di fragil tempra00:48
  • 21Stradella: La Circe (First Version): Può ben divoto cor01:57
  • 22Stradella: La Circe (First Version): Su, su, dunque su02:00
  • 23Stradella: La Circe (First Version): O degl’eterni Elisi02:21
  • 24Stradella: La Circe (First Version): Ond’io qual serva umile00:55
  • 25Stradella: La Circe (First Version): Ruscelletti che traete02:10
  • Sonata in D Major:
  • 26Stradella: Sonata in D Major: I. Adagio - Allegro01:33
  • 27Stradella: Sonata in D Major: II. Allegro01:40
  • 28Stradella: Sonata in D Major: III. Adagio - Allegro01:31
  • 29Stradella: Sonata in D Major: IV. Giga02:05
  • La Circe (Second Version):
  • 30Stradella: La Circe (Second Version): Bei ruscelli cristallini01:44
  • 31Stradella: La Circe (Second Version): Non balena o sempre tuona01:21
  • 32Stradella: La Circe (Second Version): D’un aere d’argento01:17
  • 33Stradella: La Circe (Second Version): Né presuma d’ostinarsi01:47
  • 34Stradella: La Circe (Second Version): I sudor le cure istesse01:36
  • 35Stradella: La Circe (Second Version): Però chiari d’argentee spume01:27
  • 36Stradella: La Circe (Second Version): Zeffiro, figlio de’ vicini monti01:40
  • 37Stradella: La Circe (Second Version): Rimembranza che rimbomba03:16
  • 38Stradella: La Circe (Second Version): Pur se per voi lasciate, amici Numi02:24
  • 39Stradella: La Circe (Second Version): Fiumicelli dal pie’ d’argento01:04
  • 40Stradella: La Circe (Second Version): Aura molle lusinghiera01:57
  • 41Stradella: La Circe (Second Version): Ma son deboli catene02:19
  • 42Stradella: La Circe (Second Version): L’arte accresca i pregi nostri01:57
  • 43Stradella: La Circe (Second Version): In quel secolo primiero01:59
  • 44Stradella: La Circe (Second Version): Ma qual fior di novità01:58
  • 45Stradella: La Circe (Second Version): Ai magnanimi e sovrani Re toscani01:17
  • 46Stradella: La Circe (Second Version): E tributo gli venga offerto01:39
  • 47Stradella: La Circe (Second Version): Ai sovrani re toscani01:50
  • 48Stradella: La Circe (Second Version): Quando ai liti odorati01:43
  • 49Stradella: La Circe (Second Version): Zeffiretti de’ verdi monti00:57
  • 50Stradella: La Circe (Second Version): Inclita gloria dell’augusta Flora01:05
  • 51Stradella: La Circe (Second Version): Zeffiretti de’verdi monti [I]02:03
  • 52Stradella: La Circe (Second Version): Zeffiretti de’verdi monti [II]02:21
  • 53Stradella: La Circe (Second Version): Zeffiretti de’verdi monti [III]01:13
  • 54Stradella: La Circe (Second Version): Se misura d’offerte pari01:50
  • 55Stradella: La Circe (Second Version): Nobil animo02:12
  • 56Stradella: La Circe (Second Version): Tempo verrà che questo monte adorno00:46
  • Total Runtime01:51:39

Info for Stradella: La Circe (First & Second Versions) & Other Works

Alessandro Stradella was a highly influential composer in his day, producing an abundance of masterpieces despite his dissolute and dramatically brief life. Written for the lavish celebrations marking Leopoldo de’ Medici being made a cardinal, La Circe is set near a fountain on the leafy slopes of Parnassus. It evokes the spirit of the sorceress Circe who, while searching for the grave of her son, is dazzled by a bright light – the presence of a Medici. Complete with echo effects and deliciously lyrical and expressive music, La Circe is both a fascinating enigma and a perfect example of aristocratic tastes in Baroque Rome. This double album release contains the unabridged version of La Circe I and the World Premiere Recording of La Circe II, and the booklet provides detailed notes. Played on period instruments.

Cristina Fanelli, soprano
Anna Chierichetti, soprano
Francesco Toma, tenor
Leslie Visco, soprano
Giuseppe Naviglio, bass
Alessandro Stradella Consort
Estevan Velardi, conductor

The Alessandro Stradella Consort
is a vocal and instrumental ensemble, formerly called the Camerata Ligure, founded in July 1987 by Estévan Velardi. It focuses on the Italian baroque repertoire on period instruments. Its musical exploration ranges from the Renaissance to the present, ranging from vocal or instrumental duo to a grandiose opera or oratorio with vocal soloists, chorus and a large orchestra. It is especially dedicated to reviving rare or unpublished works by Italian composers of the late 17th-early 18th centuries. Its recordings comprise a vast repertoire including instrumental and vocal/instrumental works, oratorios and operas for several labels beside Dynamic.

Booklet for Stradella: La Circe (First & Second Versions) & Other Works

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