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Label: Opera Rara

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Opera

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  • Gioachino Rossini (1792-1868): Semiramide:
  • 1Sinfonia12:31
  • Act 1:
  • 2"Sì, gran Nume, t'intesi" (Oroe)03:05
  • 3"Belo si celebri, Belo s'onori" (Chorus)03:29
  • 4"Là dal Gange a te primiero" (Idreno, Assur, Oroe, Chorus)06:16
  • 5"Di plausi clamor giulivo echeggia" (Chorus)02:14
  • 6"Di tanti" (Oroe, Semiramide, Idreno, Assur)04:01
  • 7"Regina all'ara, e giura" (Assur, Semiramide, Idreno, Oroe, Chorus)01:11
  • 8"Ah! già il sacro foco è spento" (Semiramide, Idreno, Oroe, Assur, Chorus)03:28
  • 9"O tu de' Magi venerabil capo" (Semiramide, Oroe, Idreno, Assur)03:47
  • 10"Eccomi alfine in Babilonia" (Arsace)05:26
  • 11"Ah! quel giorno ognor rammento" (Arsace)05:50
  • 12"Ministri, al gran Pontefice annunziate" (Arsace, Oroe, Assur)04:23
  • 13"Bella imago degli Dei" (Arsace, Assur)03:34
  • 14"D'un tenero amore, costante, verace" (Arsace, Assur)03:03
  • 15"Io tremar? di te? m'avvio" (Arsace, Assur)04:08
  • 16"O me felice!" (Azema, Idreno)01:46
  • 17"Ah dov'è, dov'è il cimento" (Idreno)03:54
  • 18"E se ancor libero - E il tuo bel core" (Idreno)03:58
  • 19"Se non avesse e meritasse Arsace" (Azema)00:21
  • 20"Serena i vaghi rai" (Chorus, Semiramide)06:22
  • 21"Dolce pensiero" (Chorus, Semiramide)02:54
  • 22Rossini: Semiramide, Act 1: "Ne viene ancor!" (Semiramide, Mitrane, Arsace)04:26
  • 23"Serbami ognor sì fido il cor" (Semiramide, Arsace)08:20
  • 24"Oroe dal tempio nella reggia" (Assur, Oroe)02:55
  • 25"Ergi omai la fronte altera" (Idreno, Oroe, Assur, Azema, L'ombra di Nino)05:28
  • 26"I vostri voti omai" (Idreno, Oroe, Assur, Azema, L'ombra di Nino)01:05
  • 27"Giuri ognuno a' sommi dèi" (Idreno, Oroe, Assur, Azema, L'ombra di Nino)05:34
  • 28"L'alto eroe, che dell'Assiria" (Idreno, Oroe, Assur, Azema, L'ombra di Nino)04:15
  • 29"Qual mesto gemito" (Idreno, Oroe, Assur, Azema, L'ombra di Nino)06:24
  • 30"D'un Semidio che adoro" (Idreno, Oroe, Assur, Azema, L'ombra di Nino)04:09
  • 31"Ah! sconvolta nell'ordine eterno" (Idreno, Oroe, Assur, Azema, L'ombra di Nino)03:14
  • Act 2:
  • 32"Alla reggia d'intorno cauto" (Mitrane, Semiramide, Assur)04:49
  • 33"Se la vita ancor t'è cara" (Semiramide, Assur)04:01
  • 34"Quella ricordati notte di morte" (Semiramide, Assur)04:13
  • 35"Ma implacabile di Nino" (Semiramide, Assur)01:40
  • 36"La forza primiera ripiglia il mio core" (Semiramide, Assur)03:57
  • 37"In questo augusto soggiorno arcano" (Chorus, Oroe)05:42
  • 38"Ebben, compiasi omai" (Arsace, Oroe)02:59
  • 39"In si barbara sciagura" (Arsace, Chorus, Oroe)02:58
  • 40"Su, ti scuoti, rammenta chi sei" (Arsace, Chorus, Oroe)02:28
  • 41"Al gran cimento t'affretta ardito" (Arsace, Chorus, Oroe)03:24
  • 42"Calmati, Principessa" (Mitrane, Azema, Idreno)02:01
  • 43"La speranza più soave" (Mitrane, Azema, Idreno)02:02
  • 44"Tu mia sposa, a questo seno" (Mitrane, Azema, Idreno)05:18
  • 45"No, non ti lascio" (Semiramide, Arsace)03:27
  • 46"Ebbene, a te, ferisci" (Semiramide, Arsace)05:17
  • 47"Giorno d'orrore! E di contento" (Semiramide, Arsace)04:32
  • 48"Madre, addio" (Semiramide, Arsace)00:56
  • 49"Tu serena intanto il ciglio" (Semiramide, Arsace)03:19
  • 50"Il dì già cade" (Assur, Chorus)04:42
  • 51"Ah! la sorte ci tradì" (Assur, Chorus)02:36
  • 52"Sì, vi sarà vendetta" (Assur, Chorus)01:26
  • 53"Deh! ti ferma, ti placa, perdona" (Assur, Chorus)03:16
  • 54"Ah! signore ... Assur!" (Assur, Chorus)01:38
  • 55"Quei numi furenti" (Assur, Chorus)02:44
  • 56"Oh nero eccesso" (Mitrane)01:07
  • 57"Un traditor. Con empio ardir" (Chorus, Arsace, Oroe, Assur, Semiramide, L'ombra di Nino)05:32
  • 58"Qual densa notte!" (Chorus, Arsace, Oroe, Assur, Semiramide, L'ombra di Nino)03:08
  • 59"Al mio pregar t'arrendi" (Chorus, Arsace, Oroe, Assur, Semiramide, L'ombra di Nino)02:44
  • 60"Dei! qual sospiro" (Chorus, Arsace, Oroe, Assur, Semiramide, L'ombra di Nino)00:32
  • 61"L'usato ardir ... il mio valore dovè?" (Chorus, Arsace, Oroe, Assur, Semiramide, L'ombra di Nino)02:20
  • 62"Ninia, ferisce" (Chorus, Arsace, Oroe, Assur, Semiramide, L'ombra di Nino)02:39
  • 63"Vieni, Arsace, al trionfo" (Chorus, Arsace, Oroe, Assur, Semiramide, L'ombra di Nino)01:46
  • Total Runtime03:50:44

Info for Rossini: Semiramide

A complete studio recording of Rossini’s last and one of his greatest Italian operas, Opera Rara’s Semiramide, starring Albina Shagimuratova and Daniela Barcellona, conducted by Sir Mark Elder, includes all of the passages traditionally cut in modern revivals and makes this dramatic masterpiece speak in a new way to today’s opera audience.

“Rossini’s Semiramide is a challenge to even the world’s top opera houses. Running at well over four hours and demanding at least three singers of superhuman vocal strength and agility, it’s not a work you tackle lightly. Enter Opera Rara, the little record label who could do it. Canny repertoire choices and superb casting have helped this enterprising outfit return many a work to the popular canon, and if this concert preview of its latest release is anything to go by, it’s done it again.” The Spectator “Thrilling, every second of it” (The Guardian)

“Conductor Mark Elder was the evening’s hero. From the menacingly urgent crescendo that launches the Overture, he took every note of the opera seriously, whipping the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment on like a champion jockey to produce a sound that was grainy, pungent and forceful”. (The Telegraph)

“Conducting from a score as thick as a brick, Mark Elder didn’t waver either, as he passionately drove the cast, the spirited Opera Rara Chorus and the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment through the long night… Elder’s forces have just finished a studio recording of this tragic fiesta, so keep your eyes open.” (The Times)

“Rossini’s Semiramide is never going to be an everyday opera, and this performance enabled us to hear it under almost perfect conditions with a strong and highly engaged cast singing the fullest version you are probably ever likely to hear live, supported by the wonderful colours of the sort of instruments Rossini would have imagined. […] I can’t wait for the recording.” (PlanetHugill)

“It is one of THE dramatic bel canto operas in terms of opportunities for characterised and showy singing. In the title role was Albina Shagimuratova demonstrating that for sheer technique she has few rivals in this repertoire. […] She blended beautifully in duet with the equally gifted Daniela Barcellona, whose impressive abilities shone in two big solo moments. Barcellona showed a strong middle and powerful mellow lower-chest registers.” (ClassicalSource)

“The recording won’t be out till next year, but if this sneak preview performance is anything to go by it’s going to be another winner. (The Artsdesk)

“It was the singing of the two leads, Albina Shagimuratova and Daniel Barcelona, that made the evening memorable…[Albina Shagimuratova] sang the cantinela and coloratura passages –including show-stopping ‘Bel raggio lusinghier’, which I have never heard sung better live- with a mastery of Rossini’s bel canto style that will have her won lots of friends. […]. I await the whole, glorious thing on disc with barely contained impatience.” (Opera Magazine)

Albina Shagimuratova, soprano
Daniela Barcellona, mezzo-soprano
David Butt Philip, tenor
Barry Banks, tenor
Gianluca Buratto, bass
James Platt, bass
Mirco Palazzi, bass
Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment
Sir Mark Elder, conductor

Recorded at Henry Wood Hall, August/September 2016

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