Burgan: Les Spirituelles - Cantique des cantiques Méliades Quatuor Vocal Féminin

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Label: Ad Vitam records

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Vocal

Artist: Méliades Quatuor Vocal Féminin

Composer: Patrick Burgan

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  • Patrick Burgan (b.1960): Les spirituelles:
  • 1Les spirituelles: I. Êlakátê06:46
  • 2Les spirituelles: II. Jubilatio04:22
  • 3Les spirituelles: III. Que muero04:05
  • 4Les spirituelles: IV. Luisant soleil02:40
  • 5Les spirituelles: V. Occhi miei04:21
  • 6Les spirituelles: VI. Ich denke dein03:50
  • 7Les spirituelles: VII. Being and Breath05:27
  • 8Les spirituelles: VIII. Jeune fille poëte02:37
  • 9Les spirituelles: IX. Wilderness04:02
  • 10Les spirituelles: X. Mémoire d’une rose03:35
  • 11Les spirituelles: XI. Rimailleries03:01
  • Cantique des cantiques:
  • 12Cantique des cantiques: I. Le chant des chants00:45
  • 13Cantique des cantiques: II. Qu'il me baise...01:06
  • 14Cantique des cantiques: III. Je suis noire...02:26
  • 15Cantique des cantiques: IV. A ma cavale...03:03
  • 16Cantique des cantiques: V. Ô filles de Jérusalem...06:20
  • 17Cantique des cantiques: VI. Qu'est-ce qui monte du désert...03:38
  • 18Cantique des cantiques: VII. Levez-vous, aquilons !01:57
  • 19Cantique des cantiques: VIII. Je dormais...06:14
  • 20Cantique des cantiques: IX. Tu es belle, mon amie...04:23
  • 21Cantique des cantiques: X. Que tu es belle !03:36
  • 22Cantique des cantiques: XI. Habitante des jardins !00:34
  • 23Cantique des cantiques: XII. Fuis, mon bien-aimé !01:19
  • Total Runtime01:20:07

Info for Burgan: Les Spirituelles - Cantique des cantiques

Magnificent love poem steeped in sensuality, the Song of songs set to music by Patrick Burgan is listened to like an opera, with its 12 scenes unravelling the dialogues in both gentle and fiery manner. In the same strain of loving spirituality, 11 female poets make their verses heard across the centuries and the continents: they are The Spiritual Ladies. To accompany this journey, through time immemorial to the dawn of the 21st century: the Meliades Vocal Quartet's elegant and refined voices.

Meliades Quatuor:
Anaïs Vintour, soprano
Corinne Bahuaud, mezzo-soprano
Delphine Cadet, soprano
Marion Delcourt, mezzo-soprano

Meliades Quatuor
Created following an artistic and human encounter, between four musicians - Anaïs Vintour, Delphine Cadet, Marion Delcourt and Corinne Bahuaud – with rich and varied backgrounds, Méliades offers feminine polyphonies of the 20th and 21st centuries which are so rarely played. They collaborate with the new generation of composers, such as Guillaume Prieur, Jean-Christophe Rosaz, Pascal Caumont, Julien Reynaud, Pascal Zavaro, Thierry Machuel or Patrick Burgan, to whom they sometimes order works.

Hence the Quatuor interprets many repertoires, both sacred or profane, learned or popular, sung or spoken. The timbres’ harmony of the four singers is the characteristic of the Quatuor Meliades’ sound. They also perform individually, as soloists or choir singers, in prestigious ensembles such as : L'ensemble Pygmalion, Le Concert d'Astrée, Spirito, Les Talents Lyriques, Mikrokosmos, the Maîtrise de Notre Dame de Paris, the Chœur de Radio France.

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