Atmosphere Swings Tore Morten Andreassen

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FLAC 96 $ 5.90
  • 1Troposphere Boogie03:03
  • 2So Quiet in The Exosphere02:50
  • 3Thermosphere Blues02:22
  • 4Mesosphere moods02:32
  • Total Runtime10:47

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Interesting to hear music from the far reaches of the globe, it always reminds me that despite our language barriers, good music always transcends our limited understanding of mere words. Tore Morten Andreassen is a guitarist from Norway, not exactly a hotbed for fusion music, at least to my knowledge, as I am sure there are some immensely talented jazz/rock artists over there, only a few that I am aquainted with. Andreassen's music is of the electric fusion variety, very uptempo with his guitar providing many of the catchy melodies that personalize his music's direction. He is surrounded by some other musicians that are every bit as skilled as he is, and together they have a nice sound overall.

Tore Morten Andreassen, guitar

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