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Label: ATMA Classique

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Chamber Music

Artist: Sacabuche

Composer: Giovanni Valentini (1582–1649), Antonio Bertali (1605-1669), Giovanni Battista Buonamente (1595-1642), Pavel Josef Vejvanovsky (1633-1693)

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  • Giovanni Felice Sances (1600 - 1679):
  • 1Sances: O dulce nomen Jesu (Arr. for Alto & Brass Ensemble)05:06
  • Anonymous:
  • 2Sinfonia à 803:55
  • Massimiliano Neri (1621 - 1666):
  • 3Neri: Sonate, Op. 2: Sonata No. 4 à 404:19
  • Giovanni Battista Buonamente:
  • 4Buonamente: Sonate et canzoni, Book 6: No. 21, Sonata à 603:41
  • Antonio Bertali (1605 - 1669):
  • 5Bertali: Sonata No. 1 à 602:55
  • 6Rittler: Sonata à 302:42
  • Anonymous:
  • 7Salve Regina à 403:12
  • Georg Piscator (1610 - 1643):
  • 8Piscator: Partiturbuch Ludwig: No. 105, Sonata à 7 in A Minor03:56
  • Antonio Bertali:
  • 9Bertali: Sonatella No. 302:07
  • Anonymous:
  • 10O quam suavis08:11
  • Antonio Bertali:
  • 11Bertali: Sonatella No. 102:20
  • 12Bertali: Sonata No. 2 à 602:51
  • Giovanni Valentini (1582 - 1649):
  • 13Valentini: Canzona à 402:14
  • Antonio Bertali:
  • 14Bertali: Sonatella No. 202:16
  • Wendelin Hueber (1615 - 1679):
  • 15Hueber: Sonata No. 4 à 602:54
  • Johannes Maria Mandl:
  • 16Mandl: Transfige o dulcissime mi Jesu04:00
  • Antonio Bertali:
  • 17Bertali: Sonatella No. 501:37
  • 18Bertali: Laudate, pueri, Dominum04:40
  • Total Runtime01:02:56

Info for Hidden Treasures

Canadian ensemble ¡Sacabuche! brings to life unknown yet stunning works of seventeenth-century Habsburg music located in the Czech, Kromerí, and other European archives. Vivid writing for violins, cornettos, trombones, theorbo and organ colors these works by composers of the mid-17th century in Austria and Czech lands Giovanni Valentini (15821649), Antonio Bertali (16051669), Giovanni Battista Buonamente (15951642), and Pavel Josef Vejvanovsky (16331693), among others. Their music is a testament to the storied tradition and opulence of the Habsburg court and its expansive influence. In2021, ¡Sacabuche! marks 15 years of engaging audiences with performances of beautiful and lesser-known repertoire for baroque trombones, strings, lute, organ, and voice. Directed by Canadian bass Baroque trombonist Linda Pearse, ¡Sacabuche! is noted for its dedication to creative and appealing interpretations of early Baroque and late Renaissance masterpieces and for its willingness to explore intercultural works through innovative programs.

Linda Pearse, director

is a premiere sackbut and vocal ensemble based in Sackville, Canada that began as a collegium ensemble at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music Historical Performance Institute. Performing the beautiful and lesser-known repertoire of baroque trombones, strings, organ and voice, ¡Sacabuche! is noted for its dedication to creative and engaging interpretations of early Baroque and late Renaissance masterpieces and for its willingness to explore multi-genre works. Innovative programs of 16th- and 17th-century music feature the sonorous timbres of sackbuts, voices, cornetto, and strings.

¡Sacabuche! released a CD, 17th-Century Italian Motets with Trombone (Sept 2015) on the ATMA Classique label. ¡Sacabuche! has toured twice to China, with the multi-disciplinary program Matteo Ricci: His Map and Music, including performances at China’s National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) and the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art. After the success of Matteo Ricci: His Map and Music, the ensemble launched a second interdisciplinary project, Venetia 1500 (2013) and is currently working on a third, The Hadji Ahmed Project, funded generously by a SSHRC Insight Development Grant.The project weaves maps, music, soundscapes, and words to create a performance which provokes thought about cultural and religious contact in the early modern world. The impact of the performance will create constructive dialogue about cultural contact and accommodation today.

Touring by the ensemble includes performances in Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo, Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing, Indianapolis, Bloomington, San Francisco, Santa Clara, Berkeley, Boston, New York, Minneapolis, Dallas, Sackville (NB),Houston, and Madison WI.

Linda Pearse
Artistic Director, Linda Pearse, is recognized as a specialist in the exquisite musical repertoire of early seventeenth-century Italy. Pearse is Associate Professor of Brass at Mount Allison University (New Brunswick)and Lecturer on Early Trombones at the Historical Performance Institute, Indiana University Jacobs School of Music in Bloomington, Indiana. Pearse is the Artistic Director of the San Francisco Early Music Summer Baroque Workshop, the Sackville Festival of Early Music and of the early music ensemble ¡Sacabuche!. With ¡Sacabuche!, she has recently released an album of 17th-century Italian Motets on the ATMA Classique label (2015). In addition to music-only programs, Pearse’s interdisciplinary projects engage new music, early music,texts, soundscapes, and images in conversations that explore cultural contacts and collisions in the early modern period. Her critical edition of Seventeenth-Century Italian Motets with Trombone is published with A-R Editions (April 2014).

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