Klavirni Temna Emika

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Label: Emika Records

Genre: Electronic

Subgenre: Ambient

Artist: Emika

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  • 1Dilo 2104:08
  • 2Dilo 2203:12
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  • 4Dilo 2402:15
  • 5Dilo 2502:55
  • 6Dilo 2603:38
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  • 8Dilo 2802:30
  • 9Dilo 2902:51
  • 10Dilo 3004:16
  • 11Dilo 3102:15
  • 12Dilo 3203:03
  • 13Dilo 3303:18
  • 14Dilo 3403:55
  • Total Runtime44:11

Info for Klavirni Temna

Following on from the hugely popular Klavirni, Emika's first solo piano album in 2015, her second installment of piano solos are a magical cluster of melodies, dreamy effects, obscure production mistakes with tape echo's and other old analog gear.

The pieces were recorded during the time she was pregnant with her first child Silvy, to whom she has dedicated this record "To Silvy who heard it first from the inside". The collection of "Dilo's" which means moment in Czech, were recorded "in a state of ultra-hyped up creativity combined with a massive fear about losing my identity or creativity as an artist once I would become a mother," says Emika, about the album process.

A truly personal affair and in keeping with the original style of the first Klavirni, all the Dilo's were recorded improvisations by the composer on her home piano, this time in Berlin. This release marks the five-year anniversary of Emika Records, celebrating five years of independence since her days with Ninja Tune. Dilo Variations EP (not released previously before on vinyl) will come with the anniversary releases as a 10" with updated artwork (EMK 1001EP). This is also the final release in her Emika Records catalog before starting a new venture in 2020 with more details to follow later in the year. Klavirni Temna which means dark piano in Czech, explores the relationship between dark and light, good and evil, death and rebirth. "Music is a powerful and sometimes unexplainable force" (Emika)

This new album was recorded when she was pregnant and dedicated to “Silvy who heard it first from the inside.”

“I recorded in a state of ultra hyped up creativity combined with a massive fear about losing my identity or creativity as an artist once I would become a mother,” says Emika in a press release.

“I had this record on the shelf for a long time ready while I was nursing Silvy and one day I decided I better get back to finishing the production and listen to the vinyl test presses. At that moment Silvy came in from her nap and touched my tummy and said ‘mummy,’ which freaked me out, as she seemed to associate these pieces and the piano sound with me. Music is a powerful and sometimes unexplainable force.”


Ema Jolly
a musician and performer also known as Emika, has a geographical track record as diverse as they come. Born in the UK of Czech heritage, she spent many musically formative years in Bristol before relocating to the equally rich sonic landscape of Berlin. Emika takes all of her roots and melds them, lending context to her narrative-driven music.

Classically trained in piano and composition, she went on to study music technology at university and worked as a sound designer before pursuing music-making full-time, a career that now manifests in the writing, producing and mixing of all of her own work. Despite her self-described "nerdy," studio-based background, she notes a major shift in her recent output evolving from the isolated nature of her self-titled debut LP to a more interactive and freewheeling piece of work in this year's acclaimed DVA, an opus dreamt up in her Berlin apartment and created entirely herself.

The character of her performances has seen an evolution as well; she excitedly describes the interaction between her sound technician, light technician and choreographer which shapes the live show she's taken worldwide. Emika emphasises the live value of her performances: she and her small crew improvise together for each show, with the result becoming totally unpredictable and a very real response to the audience at hand.

Emika describes her music somewhere at the conjunction between "futuristic storytelling, club context and classical influences"--and it's caught the attention of a slew of collaborators including Tommy Four Seven, Pinch, Nick Hoppner, Paul Frick, Brand Brauer Frick, Amon Tobin and Marcel Dettman (with whom she co-produced a song for his forthcoming record).

After spending a good part of the year travelling everywhere from America to Ukraine, this autumn will see her embark on her first headline tour in Russia, in addition to a number of gigs across Europe. As long as she continues to push her unique singer-songwriter-meets-Berghain sound, there's no sign of slowing down.

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