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  • 1Magnolia Mountain05:51
  • 2Sweet Illusions05:02
  • 3Meadowlake Street04:28
  • 4When Will You Come Back Home04:52
  • 5Beautiful Sorta03:01
  • 6Now That You're Gone03:49
  • 7Cherry Lane04:31
  • 8Mockingbird04:44
  • 9How Do You Keep Love Alive03:13
  • 10Easy Plateau05:11
  • 11Let It Ride03:23
  • 12Rosebud02:55
  • 13Cold Roses04:36
  • 14If I Am A Stranger04:38
  • 15Dance All Night03:14
  • 16Blossom03:15
  • 17Life Is Beautiful04:27
  • 18Friends04:44
  • Total Runtime01:15:54

Info for Cold Roses

While not much was heard from the notoriously prolific Ryan Adams in the year following his flurry of 2003 releases (Rock n Roll and the „Love Is Hell“), 2005's „Cold Roses“ indicates that the singer/songwriter was plenty busy. This double album finds Adams working with a new band, the Cardinals. Fans of Adams's former group Whiskeytown will welcome the sound of „Cold Roses“, which roots itself in Neil Young-influenced folk-rock, and easy-going country-rock on the order of the Flying Burrito Brothers and the Eagles. Like most of Adams's efforts, this album is polished, assured, and pleasurable, with strong songwriting at the fore throughout. The opener, 'Magnolia Mountain,' sets the tone--a warm, back-porch vibe tinged with melancholy and buoyed by Adams's emotive warble. Sometimes Adams downshifts to straight folk ('Rosebud'); at other times, he is more pop-minded ('Cherry Lane'), while mixing in simple, swaying melodies ('When Will You Come Back Home') and the occasional blues-based rocker ('Beautiful Sorta').

Despite the stylistic variations, „Cold Roses“ is extremely cohesive, and represents a welcome return to Adams's early sound.

Ryan Adams, vocals, guitars, harmonica, piano
Cindy Cashdollar, vocals, steel guitar
J.P. Bowersock, electric guitar
Rachael Yamagata, bass, vocals, piano
Catherine Popper, vocals, piano
Brett Pemberton, vocals, drums

Recorded at Loho Studios, New York, NY.
Engineered by Tom Schick, Tom Gloadly
Produced by Tom Schick, Tom Schick

Digitally remastered

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