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Biography Ryan LeBlanc

ECMA winner for World Recording of the Year, Ryan LeBlanc is a progressive solo instrumentalist. He incorporates the guitar, banjo, djembe, cajun, and harmonica into his performances. Close your eyes and you may believe there are three people, or an orchestra up there on the strings. Ryan delivers a show taking you through a musical journey...preconceptions will be altered!
Ryan Leblanc is a progressive solo instrumentalist from New Brunswick with 20 years of playing experience. With his own original material, Ryan interlaces guitar, jembe, box drum, harmonica and banjo to produce a wide variety of upbeat and passionate musical pieces. Ryan is known for his innovative combinations of percussive and alternative musical styles that give his compositions an extremely earthy and organic quality.
Whole rooms often stop to watch Ryan?s unique strumming, hammering and tapping techniques that he combines with spellbinding percussive slaps to the body of his guitar and adjacent jembe.
His performance is truly memorable. In April of 2004 Ryan was the only performer of more than 70 acts to receive a standing ovation for his showcase performance during Music New Brunswick Week. In Sydney, Cape Breton, at the East Coast Music Awards he showcased in the Roots Room and had three standing ovations in a 20 minute set.
One of his most recent accomplishments is the release of his first album Down Deep, with up to three instruments being played simultaneously.

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