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James Arthur
„Okay, so my name is James Arthur, I am 23 and I am a singer songwriter from a wee seaside town called Saltburn-by-the-Sea.

I have been writing music since I was 15 and I’ve continued my passion for writing to date. I will be sharing music I have recorded in the past both on my own and with bands I have written for and fronted.

Recently my whole life changed dramatically which brought an epiphany, since then I have made it my soul purpose in life to share my music with people in hope that they might relate and take heart from my songs.”

„My inspirations are far too vast to try and explain so I will let you make your own judgement’s on my music, hopefully you will enjoy and respect what I’m doing either way.” (August 2011)

Early life: He was born in Redcar Middlesbrough, the United Kingdom on 2 March 1988 to an English mother Shirley Ashworth, and a Scottish father, Neil Arthur. Neil is a delivery driver, but also used to be a DJ and a drummer for many years, whilst Shirley was a fashion model and later a sales and marketing professional. His parents split up when he was very young.

On his father’s side he has an elder sister Sian Arthur, an elder stepbrother Neil Arthur from his father’s first marriage and a younger stepsister Charlotte from his father’s third marriage. On his mother’s side he has two younger stepsisters, Jasmin and Neve.

His mother remarried when he was 9, and they all moved to a small island country, Bahrain because his stepdad, Ronald Rafferty got a job there. He studied at the local British School of Bahrain. He first started showing his vocal ability when he played the role of the Major General in The Pirates of Penzance musical in Bahrain. He won the Performance of the Year ward from his school for his role. For four years they enjoyed a life of luxury in the Middle East. Since the school he attended was multicultural, so he experienced and enjoyed a lot of different cultures. …

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