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Michael Bloch Trio
was established in 2015 and came onto the scene with the debut album "First Light". An album that offers a blend of lyrical and hard-swinging jazz, where subtle, introverted moods are balanced with emotional intensity and expressionism. It received very positive reviews.

Now two years later, the trio is releasing their second album "Circular Changes". This album clearly shows the trio moving away from the traditional jazz approach and style of expression, towards a more groove-based and melody-focused approach. Here you will find rhythmically intense pieces, with odd meters and unexpected phrasings, as well as quiet and lyrical parts.

The trio focuses primarily on original compositions by pianist Michael Bloch but also creates music in the moment, not only in solos, but even entire compositions are spontaneously created in the studio. Many of the compositions appear to have simple harmonies, but underneath, there is a subtle complexity. The music can be categorized as modern, melodic jazz music, influenced both by classical and popular music.

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