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Neuter Lover
Born 'Apichaya Jindapol Chaipayom' or ‘Tum’ in Thailand and grew up with various kinds of music. Music always save their life whenever they are depressed. Thus Tum learned to express their mind through songs in early teens.​

It is always Tum’s dream to perform live on stage. In 1998, while studying Visual Communication Design at Silpakorn University, they started by joining friends' band as a vocalist. Later they and their 3 close girl friends formed an alternative rock band named 'Erotic Youth' (E.Y.) in 1999, playing covers of many musical artists such as Garbage, Cake, Lit, Pulp, even Hide (X-Japan). Their performance in university's festivals was spotlighted, but their path as a band had come to an end in 2001 when they all graduated and had different dreams for future.

After working as a full-time graphic & multimedia designer for 3 years and got a serious nerve tension sickness from neck through arms, Tum resigned from the company to relieve the tension and started their new life as a freelance new media designer. From this point, Tum has strived for their dream again and released music on their own. For music was, and still is, ingrained in their soul.

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