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Elfi Aichinger
After an education in classical music (piano, voice) both in Vienna (music university) and Salzburg (Mozarteum), Elfi Aichinger starts experimenting intensively with different techniques and possibilities of the instrument voice.

The "Diva of the Unheard" (so the press says) starts composing by the means of her voice and explores boundaries here and there.

Her distinctive works like Zum Sterben bin ich viel zu jung, Langsam wie ein Planet, Hundsturm und Kirchenwiese, Endlich.Unendlich, Gott nahe zu sein ist mein Glück ... unite musicians from different genres (jazz, classical music, electronic music, world music…) Since 1987 international presence with JUBILO ELF, AMES, MEMORABLE INCIDENT, DRINTAKEIN, EAQ feat. Don Byron

This work brings me to the base. Breath, spirit and soul are in movement and change. She teaches at IPOP / MDW Vienna and JIM /ABPU LINZ.

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