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Sondre Ferstad Ensemble
is an eight piece band combining a classical string quartet and a jazz quartet, led by me. We released our debut album, "Minimal", september 2018 on AMP Music&Records. The music on this record reflects my influences from choral traditions from church music and Norwegian contemporary jazz music, and is created in collaboration with the exceptionally fine musicians i the ensemble. After recording the album in September 2017, the project took an unexpected direction as Norwegian author Lars Saabye Christensen became involved. Poesiscena has commissioned him to write poems for the music on “Minimal”, which will be performed by him together with the band, at Poesiscena in collaboration with Høstscena Teaterfestival in Ålesund, September 2018. Christensen will also join us on our release tour.

In my music, I'm trying to unify calmness and friction, and I always strive to surround melodies with a strong harmonic structure. We often play in quiet dynamics. There's something truly fascinating about keeping the volume down, even if you are a lot of musicians. This is, I guess, reflected in the album title, "Minimal", although the album also features more outgoing and energetic tunes.

Norwegian violinist, composer and producer Ola Kvernberg has produced the album - and I am forever greatful for his ideas and intense engagement that has benefited our music.

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