Ariel Pocock - Living in Twilight

Review Ariel Pocock - Living in Twilight

So young and so far up on the ladder of success. With just 24 years, Ariel Pocock has released her second album, which, as soon as it appeared, caused a sensation in the jazz scene. With her first album "Touchstone", released two years ago, Ariel Pocock, in personal union a singer and a pianist, has overwhelmed critics and audiences alike with jazz classics, as well as her own compositions and witty as well as fresh arrangements - trimmed in the direction of modern jazz. The success of this premiere has included "old-earned" stars such as Julian Lage, guitar, Eric Harland, drums, Larry Grenadier, bass, and Seamus Blake, saxophone. Her edgy treatment of the piano and her vocal performance with a slightly exhausted voice caused enthusiasm, said voice exuding much more life experience than the artist's youth allows. In the end, "Touchstone" convinced even the most critical listener, because the album is nothing but a serious piece of jazz, in which all participants could make their contribution on a par. And so, it should be.

The new, second album "Living in Twilight" has in common with the first album the highly individualized modern jazz and the mix of classics and self-compositions, enriched with compositions penned by Chick Corea and Egberto Gismonti, as well as with Pop and Indy Rock hits. The new album transports a twilight mood between shouting for joy and nearly dying of sorrow, and it differs significantly from the positive mood prevailing in "Touchstone". On "Living in Twilight", Ariel Pocock presents herself in the environment of her own trio, welded together through numerous live performances, with Jim Doxas, drums and Adrian Vedady, bass. The true Brazilian coloring of the corresponding songs is guaranteed by the leading jazz guitarist Chico Pinheiro.

Ariel Pocock succeeds in convincingly presenting the strong and strongly fluctuating emotions on "Living in Twilight" with the help of your expressive voice and a piano playing, which is markedly refined compared to the first album. As in case of the first album, the figurehead of the album, Ariel Pocock and her companions of her trio again play music together on an equal footing, just as jazz should be. With her new album, Ariel Pocock continues the surprising success she booked with her first album. One can be curious to what heights this young singer will still be able to climb on her already successful career.

The high-resolution download of this album throws the window wide open to the acoustics of the recording location and reveals to the listener generously even the smallest detail of the vocal voice as well as all the shades of the instrumental tone colors.

Ariel Pocock, piano, Rhodes piano, vocals
Chico Pinheiro, guitar (on tracks 2, 5-7, 10)
Adrian Vedady, bass
Jim Doxas, drums

Ariel Pocock - Living in Twilight

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