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Label: InsideOutMusic

Genre: Rock

Subgenre: Modern Rock

Artist: Perfect Beings

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  • 1Guedra - A New Pyramid05:03
  • 2Guedra - The Blue Lake of Understanding03:02
  • 3Guedra - Patience05:36
  • 4Guedra - Enter the Center05:01
  • 5The Golden Arc - The Persimmon Tree08:09
  • 6The Golden Arc - Turn the World Off02:07
  • 7The Golden Arc - America01:55
  • 8The Golden Arc - For a Pound of Flesh04:55
  • 9Vibrational - The System and Beyond07:07
  • 10Vibrational - Mysteries, Not Answers02:59
  • 11Vibrational - Altars of the Gods03:35
  • 12Vibrational - Everywhere At Once01:45
  • 13Vibrational - Insomnia03:33
  • 14Anunnaki - Lord Wind02:10
  • 15Anunnaki - Patterns of Light03:18
  • 16Anunnaki - A Compromise05:59
  • 17Anunnaki - Hissing the Wave of the Dragon04:18
  • 18Anunnaki - Everything's Falling Apart03:25
  • Total Runtime01:13:57

Info for Vier

As many in our audience will remember, Perfect Beings were scheduled to play for us in 2016, but had to cancel just prior to the festival due to their bassist and drummer suddenly and unexpectedly leaving the band. Perfect Beings have since regrouped, have a firm new line-up in place and a new album set to be released through noted progressive rock label InsideOut in early 2018. The current incarnation of the band consists of Ryan Hurtgen (vocals, piano), Johannes Luley (guitars), Jesse Nason (keyboards), Pete Griffin (bass) and Sean Reinert (drums, percussion).

Many in our audience were saddened when Perfect Beings had to pull out back in 2016, and we are pleased to inform that the band is now back in a stable and productive mode, and eager to at last be able to perform for the fantastic and renowned ROSfest audience. Perfect Beings is still one of the most promising US based progressive rock bands, and we are eagerly looking forward to see them play for us, as well as to see them grow into the progressive rock powerhouse they have all the skills and talent to become.

„We are excited to share with you the opening salvo of our new album Vier, our most ambitious and adventurous work to date. Get ready for one hell of a ride.” (Johannes Luley)

Ryan Hurtgen, vocals, piano
Johannes Luley, guitars, bass
Jesse Nason, keyboards
Sean Reinert, drums, percussion

Perfect Beings
In November of 2012 Luley approached Hurtgen about collaborating on a progressive rock project. It was Luley's intention to create an album that honored the style and live musicality in traditional Prog rock mediums. Hurtgen, a fresh songwriter transplant to California via Nashville, TN, agreed and began writing sketches for a concept album based on author Suhail Rafidi's novel, TJ & Tosc. Over the course of 2012 and 2013 Luley and Hurtgen composed and orchestrated the Perfect Beings Project.

With the help of drummer Dicki Fliszar, keyboardist Jesse Nason, and bassist Chris Tristram, the five players began rehearsing the songs to record a live record in the same fashion as the Progressive Rock acts of the Golden Era. In April, 2013 with the help of engineer Julian David, the band recorded Perfect Beings in a span of 3 weeks at My Sonic Temple studio in Los Angeles.

In late 2015 their sophomore album was released to high critical acclaim. The band saw the departure of Dicki Fliszar in early 2016 as a challenge. They immediately started working on their third album. Fliszar was replaced by wunderkind Ben Levin in the fall of 2016.

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