Casella: Symphony No. 2 & Scarlattiana BBC Philharmonic - Gianandrea Noseda

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Label: Chandos

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Orchestral

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  • Alfredo Casella (1883 - 1947): Symphony No. 2, Op. 12 (1908-10):
  • 1I. Lento grave solenne12:32
  • 2II. Allegro molto vivace08:41
  • 3III. Adagio quasi andante10:48
  • 4IV. Finale: Tempo di marcia ben risoluto con fuoco10:51
  • 5Epilogo: Adagio mistico06:11
  • Scarlattiana, Op. 44 (1926):
  • 6I. Sinfonia: Lento grave, allegro molto vivace05:27
  • 7II. Minuetto: Allegretto ben moderato e grazioso06:13
  • 8III. Capriccio: Allegro vivacissimo e impetuoso03:48
  • 9IV. Pastorale: Andantino dolcemente mosso05:56
  • 10V. Finale: Lento molto e grave05:47
  • Total Runtime01:16:14

Info for Casella: Symphony No. 2 & Scarlattiana

As part of the Musica Italiana series, the BBC Philharmonic and Gianandrea Noseda perform two important works by Alfredo Casella, a largely forgotten Italian composer who was actually one of the most important of his generation. Italian composers in the early years of the twentieth century were not much interested in the symphony. Casella, however, was a major exception. On the advice of Giuseppe Martucci, the thirteen-year-old Casella had been sent to the Paris Conservatoire where, alongside outstanding fellow students such as Maurice Ravel and George Enescu, he received the all-round professional training that would not have been available to him in Italy.

“...this is a remarkable and engaging work in its own right, with some striking features. In particular, the beautiful opening of the final 'Epilogo' is breathtakingly beautiful...the BBC Philharmonic and Gianandrea Noseda are both committed and convincing advocates in the premiere recording of this complex score.” (BBC Music Magazine)

Casella: Symphony No. 2 in C minor, Op. 12
Scarlattiana, Op. 45

Alfredo Casella, Composer
Martin Roscoe, Piano
BBC Philharmonic
Gianandrea Noseda, Conductor

Symphony No. 2, Op. 12 (1908-10)
in C minor - in c-Moll - en ut mineur
a grande orchestra
A G. Enesco
I Lento, grave solenne - Allegro energico - Assai più lento (quasi Andante calmo) -
II Allegro molto vivace - Pesante - Furioso - Maggiore. Più allegro - D.C. al principio
III Adagio, quasi andante - Animando poco a poco ed appassionando sempre più - Allargando -
IV Finale. Tempo di marcia ben risoluto, con fuoco - Feroce. Con energia selvaggia, brutale -
V Epilogo. Adagio mistico. Con tutta l'intensità di espressione possibile - Poco a poco crescendo -
Scarlattiana, Op. 44 (1926)
Divertimento su musiche di Domenico Scarlatti
per pianoforte e piccolo orchestra
A Vittorio Rieti
I Sinfonia. Lento, grave - Allegro molto vivace - Animato e brillante -
II Minuetto. Allegretto ben moderato e grazioso
III Capriccio. Allegro vivacissimo ed impetuoso - Sempre più forte -
IV Pastorale. Andantino dolcemente mosso. Lievemente agitando - Calmando -
V Finale. Lento molto e grave - Presto vivacissimo - Ferocemente - Improvvisamente -

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