Neil Young Archives Vol. II (1972 - 1976) (Remastered) Neil Young

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Label: Reprise

Genre: Rock

Subgenre: Classic Rock

Artist: Neil Young

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  • 1Letter from 'Nam03:35
  • 2Monday Morning02:47
  • 3The Bridge02:55
  • 4Time Fades Away (12/15/72)04:21
  • 5Come Along and Say You Will02:27
  • 6Goodbye Christians on the Shore05:24
  • 7The Last Trip to Tulsa04:19
  • 8The Loner (Live)03:53
  • 9Sweet Joni02:41
  • 10Yonder Stands the Sinner03:19
  • 11L.A. (Story)04:02
  • 12L.A. (Live)03:35
  • 13Human Highway (6/29/73)03:03
  • 14Here We Are in the Years (Live from Tuscaloosa)03:56
  • 15After the Gold Rush (Live from Tuscaloosa)04:42
  • 16Out on the Weekend (Live from Tuscaloosa)05:29
  • 17Harvest (Live from Tuscaloosa)04:12
  • 18Old Man (Live from Tuscaloosa)04:14
  • 19Heart of Gold (Live from Tuscaloosa)03:48
  • 20Time Fades Away (Live from Tuscaloosa)06:10
  • 21Lookout Joe (Live from Tuscaloosa)04:59
  • 22New Mama (Live from Tuscaloosa)03:00
  • 23Alabama (Live from Tuscaloosa)03:50
  • 24Don't Be Denied (Live from Tuscaloosa)08:09
  • 25Speakin' Out Jam05:00
  • 26Everybody's Alone02:43
  • 27Tired Eyes04:41
  • 28Tonight's the Night04:42
  • 29Mellow My Mind03:11
  • 30World on a String02:27
  • 31Speakin' Out04:57
  • 32Raised on Robbery03:36
  • 33Roll Another Number (For the Road)03:05
  • 34New Mama02:09
  • 35Albuquerque04:02
  • 36Tonight's the Night, Pt. II05:17
  • 37Intro (Live from The Roxy)00:42
  • 38Tonight's the Night (Live from The Roxy)06:56
  • 39Roll Out the Barrel (Live from The Roxy)00:52
  • 40Mellow My Mind (Live from The Roxy)03:10
  • 41World on a String (Live from The Roxy)02:43
  • 42Band Intro (Live from The Roxy)01:23
  • 43Speakin' Out (Live from The Roxy)06:37
  • 44Candy Barr Rap (Live from The Roxy)00:30
  • 45Albuquerque (Live from The Roxy)03:51
  • 46Perry Como Rap (Live from The Roxy)00:17
  • 47New Mama (Live from The Roxy)02:29
  • 48David Geffen Rap (Live from The Roxy)00:35
  • 49Roll Another Number (For the Road) (Live from The Roxy)04:48
  • 50Candy Barr 2 Rap (Live from The Roxy)00:19
  • 51Tired Eyes (Live from The Roxy)07:02
  • 52Tonight's the Night, Pt. II (Live from The Roxy)06:37
  • 53Walk On (Live from The Roxy)03:38
  • 54The Losing End (Live from The Roxy)06:20
  • 55Outro (Live from The Roxy)00:33
  • 56Winterlong03:08
  • 57Walk On02:41
  • 58Bad Fog of Loneliness02:16
  • 59Borrowed Tune03:26
  • 60Traces (12/5/73)02:11
  • 61For the Turnstiles03:15
  • 62Ambulance Blues08:59
  • 63Motion Pictures (For Carrie)04:24
  • 64On the Beach07:03
  • 65Revolution Blues04:05
  • 66Vampire Blues04:14
  • 67Greensleeves01:59
  • 68Love/Art Blues (6/15/74)02:26
  • 69Through My Sails03:29
  • 70Homefires02:31
  • 71Pardon My Heart (6/16/74)03:50
  • 72Hawaiian Sunrise02:46
  • 73L.A. Girls and Ocean Boys02:29
  • 74Pushed It Over the End07:45
  • 75On the Beach (8/28/74)07:33
  • 76Vacancy (11/4/74)03:36
  • 77One More Sign03:03
  • 78Frozen Man03:01
  • 79Give Me Strength03:04
  • 80Bad News Comes to Town02:57
  • 81Changing Highways02:03
  • 82Love/Art Blues (12/10/74)02:28
  • 83The Old Homestead07:42
  • 84Daughters03:30
  • 85Deep Forbidden Lake03:43
  • 86Love/Art Blues (12/31/74)02:40
  • 87Separate Ways03:33
  • 88Try02:49
  • 89Mexico01:40
  • 90Love Is A Rose02:17
  • 91Homegrown02:47
  • 92Florida02:58
  • 93Kansas (6/12/75)02:12
  • 94We Don't Smoke It No More04:51
  • 95White Line03:13
  • 96Vacancy03:58
  • 97Little Wing02:12
  • 98Star of Bethlehem02:48
  • 99Ride My Llama03:43
  • 100Cortez the Killer07:32
  • 101Don't Cry No Tears02:37
  • 102Born to Run03:18
  • 103Barstool Blues03:01
  • 104Danger Bird06:55
  • 105Stupid Girl03:11
  • 106Kansas03:35
  • 107Powderfinger07:15
  • 108Hawaii04:26
  • 109Drive Back03:34
  • 110Lookin' for a Love03:18
  • 111Pardon My Heart03:50
  • 112Too Far Gone02:42
  • 113Pocahontas03:30
  • 114No One Seems to Know02:27
  • 115Like a Hurricane08:19
  • 116Lotta Love02:38
  • 117Look Out for My Love04:06
  • 118Separate Ways (2/3/76)05:25
  • 119Let it Shine04:46
  • 120Long May You Run03:56
  • 121Fontainebleau03:59
  • 122Traces (2/8/76)03:06
  • 123Mellow My Mind (Live - 3/5/76)02:41
  • 124Midnight on the Bay (Live - 3/30/76)03:09
  • 125Stringman03:31
  • 126Mediterranean02:36
  • 127Ocean Girl03:23
  • 128Midnight on the Bay (4/14/76)04:02
  • 129Human Highway (4/15/76)03:00
  • 130The Old Laughing Lady (Live)05:54
  • 131After the Gold Rush (Live)04:28
  • 132Too Far Gone (Live)03:17
  • 133Old Man (Live)03:48
  • 134Stringman (Live)03:45
  • 135Don't Cry No Tears (Live)03:12
  • 136Cowgirl in the Sand (Live)04:55
  • 137Lotta Love (Live)02:57
  • 138Drive Back (Live)04:36
  • 139Cortez the Killer (Live)07:03
  • Total Runtime08:45:03

Info for Neil Young Archives Vol. II (1972 - 1976) (Remastered)

This is the second volume of the Neil Young Archives series of box sets produced by Neil Young. A definitive, comprehensive, chronological record of his entire body of released work.

This set covers the extremely productive period from 1972 through 1976. A prolific era for Neil when he released several classic albums including 'On the Beach', 'Tonight's The Night' and 'Zuma'. 'Homegrown' is part of this history as well. The box set features a total of 131 tracks of which 62 are either unreleased songs or unreleased alternate versions, different mixes, rare or live tracks.

This version includes 10 albums feature tracks from Neil Young solo, plus with bands Crazy Horse, The Stray Gators, The Santa Monica Flyers, the Stills/Young Band and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

Neil Young

Digitally remastered

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