Citizen Kane Jr. Blues 1974 Live at The Bottom Line (Remastered) Neil Young

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Label: Reprise

Genre: Songwriter

Subgenre: Folk Rock

Artist: Neil Young

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  • 1Pushed It Over the End (Live)06:17
  • 2Long May You Run (Live)05:04
  • 3Greensleeves (Live)01:59
  • 4Ambulance Blues (Live)09:16
  • 5Helpless (Live)04:50
  • 6Revolution Blues (Live)03:50
  • 7On the Beach (Live)06:01
  • 8Roll Another Number (For the Road) (Live)03:45
  • 9Motion Pictures (Live)04:50
  • 10Pardon My Heart (Live)05:23
  • 11Dance Dance Dance (Live)03:08
  • Total Runtime54:23

Info for Citizen Kane Jr. Blues 1974 Live at The Bottom Line (Remastered)

A recording of Neil Young’s surprise performance at New York’s Bottom Line on May 16th, 1974 has circulated in fan circles for decades, but it’s finally coming out officially in early 2021 as part of Young’s new official Bootleg Series. He’s calling it The Bottom Line – “Citizen Kane Jr. Blues.”

“In my mind it’s a hazy memory,” Young wrote on the Neil Young Archives, where he announced the release, “but this moment really captures the essence of where I was in 1974. Two months later, the album On the Beach was released, including songs I played that night — ‘Ambulance Blues,’ ‘Revolution Blues,’ ‘On the Beach’ and ‘Motion Blues.’”

Young stunned fans at the Bottom Line by taking the stage at 2:15 am following sets by Ry Cooder and Leon Redbone. “Folks at the Bottom Line heard seven new songs for the first time,” Young writes. “I just remember that I was 24 years old, bare, and letting it all out.” [He was actually 28.]

The set featured “Pushed It Over the End,” a song inspired by the Patti Hearst kidnapping that he was then calling “Citizen Kane Jr Blues,” along with the live premieres of “Long May You Run,” “On the Beach,” “Motion Pictures,” and “Pardon My Heart.” To this day, it remains the sole live performance of “Motion Pictures.”

“The Bottom Line – ‘Citizen Kane Jr. Blues’ is part of the official Bootleg Series now in production and is scheduled for release by Shakey Pictures Records in the first quarter 2021,” Young writes. “The first edition of the NYA Official Bootleg Series will contain at least six complete Bootleg Series offerings, the majority of which are from our own master recordings. Produced by the Volume Dealers, these six albums will provide the highest quality listening available.”

"It’s a unique performance, with a wealth of rarely played material. ... The Bottom Line bootleg was the kind of listening experience that turned casual fans into obsessives. Now remastered and officially part of Neil’s ongoing saga, its seductive power remains undimmed." (Uncut)

Neil Young, vocals, guitar

Digitally remastered

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