Substance 1996-2006 (Remastered) Fresh Moods - Peter Haubfleisch

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FLAC 96 $ 14.30
  • 1Rhythmbreeze07:33
  • 2Silent Me (Reproduced 2017)06:20
  • 3Shiny Cage07:40
  • 4Solarcell (Kevin Winiker - Guitar)05:50
  • 5Livechange (Carlos Bermejo - Sax)06:33
  • 6I Feel07:46
  • 7Martine07:20
  • 8Decisions I Made07:37
  • 9My Face06:05
  • 10The Touch (Enchant Mix)06:46
  • 11Disconnected07:26
  • Total Runtime01:16:56

Info for Substance 1996-2006 (Remastered)

It are the early years in the life of an artist in which he creates the new. Unaffected by a past success, free from regulations, following only his own instincts.

The peculiarity of this project is the perceived ease in which the instrumentalist moves  by crossing his preferred genres. Styles like downbeat, chillout, ambient, house, funk and jazz are recombined. Some sounds repetitive and yet everything is in constant motion. Elaborate arrangements, complicated compositions, it all seem easy. Melodies, conscious often unfinished, encourage and give us space for our own fantasies. The spirit of age in production refers to the era, but yet emerge the timeless beauty. Sound Quality shows his need for perfection. Determined by his own created bodies of sound and preferred harmonies, „Substance“ shows the essence of his personality from the early years.

Due to the latest technologies, all recordings could now be remastered in high resolution. A lot of attention to detail, a soft bass image, clearly defined mids, silky heights and a natural dynamic range catch the spirit of these new master recordings.

Digitally remastered

Peter Haubfleisch aka 'Fresh Moods'
Peter Haubfleisch's pleasantly understated electronic music has cropped up on labels such as Ultils, Planet Vision, Hoerspielmusik, Suburban Nightz, and most commonly, Elektrolux. Mazarine and Ultratubes are his dance floor aliases, while he reserves his Fresh Moods moniker for the alternative ambient he is most famous for. As Fresh Moods, Haubfleisch followed up his 1997 debut with 2000's Swerve and 2002's Love. Death. Angels, from which Alfa Romeo chose 'Decisions I Made' for their German TV advertising campaign. With its broad range of style and tempo from minimal 2-step and house to squelchy ambient acid to sexy downtempo electro, it's no surprise that Haubfleisch's harmonic electronic has become the soundtrack for Balearic mornings chilling on the beach.

This album contains no booklet.

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