Another Scoop (Remastered) Pete Townshend

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Label: Universal Music

Genre: Rock

Subgenre: Classic Rock

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  • 1You Better You Bet05:20
  • 2Girl In A Suitcase03:25
  • 3Brooklyn Kids04:52
  • 4Pinball Wizard02:57
  • 5Football Fugue03:25
  • 6Happy Jack02:16
  • 7Substitute03:35
  • 8Long Live Rock03:46
  • 9Call Me Lightning02:15
  • 10Holly Like Ivy02:52
  • 11Begin The Beguine04:11
  • 12Vicious Interlude00:24
  • 13La La La Lies01:57
  • 14Cat Snatch03:22
  • 15Prelude #55601:19
  • 16Baroque Ippanese02:26
  • 17Praying The Game04:17
  • 18Driftin' Blues03:15
  • 19Christmas01:56
  • 20Pictures Of Lily02:49
  • 21Don't Let Go Of The Coat04:05
  • 22The Kids Are Alright02:58
  • 23Prelude, The Right To Write01:35
  • 24Never Ask Me04:24
  • 25Ask Yourself04:33
  • 26The Ferryman05:44
  • 27The Shout03:48
  • Total Runtime01:27:46

Info for Another Scoop (Remastered)

„Another Scoop“ followed four years later and continued to provide valued access to the Pete Townshend’s vaults. Among the tracks included on this volume are ‘Pinball Wizard’, ‘Substitute’, ‘You Better You Bet’ and ‘Pictures of Lily’.

Like Scoop released in 1983, Another Scoop features a multitude of demos, outtakes and unreleased material, many of which are songs by The Who. It was followed by Scoop 3 in 2001, the third and last Scoop collection. All three albums were 2-disc sets, and in 2002 a pared-down compilation of them all was released as Scooped. Remastered versions of the original albums were released in 2006.

Pete added liner notes to the release - "This is the second in a series of albums bringing together demo-tapes, home recordings and unreleased oddities produced during my career in and out of The Who.

I want to thank my friend Spike for her tireless energy raking through hundreds of hours of music to put together another interesting selection (she isn't even a Who fan!), and all the Who fans who've waited patiently while I garnered the courage to put it out. I also want to thank my friends at Atlantic records for making the space for me to release this record for collectors while I spend my time writing song for my next "serious" solo album."

„Another Scoop“ is still highly recommended for the serious Who/Townshend fan.

Produced by Pete Townshend

Digitally remastered

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