Scoop 3 (Remastered) Pete Townshend

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Label: Universal Music

Genre: Rock

Subgenre: Classic Rock

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  • 1Can You See The Real Me04:18
  • 2Dirty Water01:05
  • 3Commonwealth Boys03:41
  • 4Theme 01500:42
  • 5Marty Robbins01:42
  • 6I Like It The Way It Is04:38
  • 7Theme 01600:42
  • 8No Way Out (However Much I Booze)06:07
  • 9Collings02:36
  • 10Parvardigar (German Version)06:47
  • 11Sea And Sand05:01
  • 12971104 Arpeggio Piano01:38
  • 13Theme 01702:09
  • 14I Am Afraid02:30
  • 15Maxims For Lunch02:55
  • 16Wistful02:59
  • 17Eminence Front06:35
  • 18Lonely Words03:55
  • 19Prelude 97051900:39
  • 20Iron Man Recitative03:40
  • 21Tough Boys03:11
  • 22Did You Steal My Money?03:53
  • 23Can You Really Dance?03:47
  • 24Variations On Dirty Jobs04:41
  • 25All Lovers Are Deranged03:23
  • 26Elephants02:53
  • 27Wired To The Moon (Pt. 2)01:30
  • 28How Can You Do It Alone06:29
  • 29Poem Disturbed03:11
  • 30Squirm Squirm04:09
  • 31Outlive The Dinosaur03:39
  • 32Teresa04:38
  • 33Man And Machines03:49
  • 34It's In Ya05:22
  • Total Runtime01:58:54

Info for Scoop 3 (Remastered)

„Scoop 3“ surfaced in 2001 and included Townshend’s initial versions of the classics „The Real Me“, „Sea and Sand“ and 2Eminence Front“. Digitally remastered featuring 34 of the original demos recorded by Who songwriter Pete Townshend. Many of the tracks were written for his solo records, although the mostly instrumental tracks remained unreleased until this collection's release in 2001. Each of the demos are fully realized, with Townshend playing each instrument, showing the depth and detail of his songwriting skills.

On this third collection of Pete Townshend rarities and demos, the Who guitarist/mastermind offers up another compelling set of curiosities that draws from both his solo career and his tenure with his legendary band. In addition to pensive, minimal takes on Who tunes such as "Sea & Sand" and "Eminence Front" (the latter sounding almost nothing like its popular synth-laden counterpart), Townshend presents previously unreleased tracks such as the majestic rock tune "Commonwealth Boys" and the delicate piano-only instrumental "Poem Disturbed." While the compilation is mainly geared toward Townshend's diehard fans, Who aficionados will have much to admire as well, making the anthology a welcome addition to his well-compiled SCOOP series.

Digitally remastered

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