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FLAC 96 $ 12.00
  • 1September am Mer05:25
  • 2Falkenflug06:51
  • 3Ein guter Moment06:30
  • 4O plangens vox / Hildes Traum07:04
  • 5Über Wipfeln01:09
  • 6Blume im Staub03:51
  • 7Es geht ein dunkle Wolk herein / Grünes Nebellicht05:34
  • 8Mitfreude02:48
  • 9Gedankengang00:52
  • 10Hinterlassen05:37
  • 11Himmel küssen07:59
  • 12Sonnenmantra02:03
  • Total Runtime55:43

Info for Falkenflug

With Falkenflug (Falcon’s Flight), Falk Zenker has produced his fourth solo album. The title is a perfect fit. Because Zenker’s music is like the flight of a falcon. Playfully, he explores all the possibilities of the guitar, he stalks, watches, and strikes suddenly with great speed, dynamically and with skillful turns.

This experienced guitar player creates his own sounds not only with his technical and deeply emotional performance. He also expands his aural spectrum by using various additional sound effects, generating percussive elements with his guitar, sampling them, and skillfully using live looping and to weave them back into a steadily densifying sound fabric.

When you decide to take off with the Falcon's Flight, Zenker will whisk you away to heavenly sounds, open new perspectives and expand your musical vistas.

Falk Zenker, guitar, live loops, diverse instruments

Falk Zenker
An imaginative sound painter: Falk Zenker is a lyrical raconteur who succeeds in painting pictures of unbelievable beauty and intensity using free and experimental sounds. His music sweeps us off into a world of pulsating rhythms, distant, ephemeral beauty and severe, dark shadows. Zenker leaves the horizon of pure guitar behind him and enters a musical realm caught between fiery intensity and meditative serenity. In addition to the nylonstring guitar, Zenker also plays an electric guitar, fretless guitar, calimba, grass harp and overtone pipes, various percussion instruments, and he works with electronic effects.

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